Out of the Rain

I was driving home on my motorbike Saturday in the blinding rain–covered as best I could be with protective rain gear. It is rainy season here. On the sidewalk, halfway across the Hanh Bridge, I came upon an older women, probably 80, with a very thin plastic smock on, for protection, along with the traditional, rice straw conical hat. Despite her best efforts, she was wet. Why was she there? She is a banana saleswomen and they usually stay out even in rain unless they have sold all their goods. They don’t make much doing this and thus they have to stay out. After I passed her, the thought came (and kept coming) to me to go back, and buy what she had left, so that she could get out of the rain. I went back, communicated to her in broken Vietnamese what I wanted and bought all she had left–and a happier women I have not seen for some time.

Probably few of us are Mother Theresas. Certainly I am not. But no matter where we are in life, there is someone in our day that we can bless and help. Let’s look for that person today


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