Chains Broken, Caged No More

Prayer brings peace to a tortured soul


Uncontrollably wild and dangerous, Hao was kicked out of the Vietnamese army and sent home to his remote village.  One night in a manic episode turned violent, he stabbed his father--killing him.  His family could see his torment. They sought doctors--anyone who could help.  But no help was found. Afraid for their whole village, they shackled Hao's feet and locked him in a large cage behind their house. 

YOU SENT A TEAM OF EVANGELISTS.  Gathering near Hao's makeshift prison, the group began to pray.  After that first prayer, a change began to take place. Hao was calmer. He began to speak quietly to the team.  More prayer; more conversation; more prayer.  In the end, Hao's chains were removed and he emerged from the cage peaceful and quiet.  It is a beginning for Hao--and his family.  Your ministry continues to this family through the local church.  Pray for them!
Orphan Voice
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