A Future and a Hope (Ny’s Story)

 “When my dad died, my mom could not keep our large family together. I know that she loved me, but the problems in her life forced her to send me to a countryside orphanage. I was 12.

Separated from my family, I did okay at the orphanage, but I missed my mom and family.  I adjusted and made friends over time, but I always felt empty on the inside.  I didn’t do well at school, but the other kids didn’t do any better.

I lived at the orphanage for several years, and as I got closer to high school graduation, I worried.  The orphanage director told me that I had to leave after graduation.  Where would I go? Who would take care of me? I worried a lot.

Then one day, I heard about a place called Victory House.  I knew a girl there. She said that Orphan Voice gave her a nice place to live with a kind lady to cook for all the girls.  They paid for everyone’s school and Hanh, the housemother, acted like a mom to everyone. Oh, how I wanted to go there!  I asked my orphanage director about it.  He made application for me and I was accepted!

Now, almost three years later, I will soon graduate with a Tourism degree! I will get a good job!  It was hard.  I had to be tutored a lot and Linh really made me work hard (sometimes I got mad at her).  But it was all worth it.

I am excited–and a little scared–about the future, but not like I used to be scared.  I know that I can make it.”
(Ny’s story told through Tony Brewer and factually true in all respects).

Thank you, Orphan Voice partners.  You do this every day!

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