A Future And A Hope

Li perfects her leatherwork

Skills For Life

“I need a job.” We’re hearing that sentiment frequently these days from six of our older students at New Beginnings School for the Deaf. Having mastered basic reading, writing, signing, and math skills, these emerging adults want to earn money! Under the pictures below are the words of 17-year-old Anh. Hear his heart about his past, present, and future. You are making a way for Anh and his classmates to live independently and contribute to the world in meaningful ways. Orphan Voice supports the hopes and dreams of the young adults in all our programs. Some are now nurses, bank tellers, or university students. For others, we continue to develop vocational opportunities for their futures! Whether growing vegetables, crafting quality leather goods, assembling intricate pop-up cards, creating traditional paintings on rice paper, or arranging apprenticeships in successful businesses, the Lord has a plan for each child entrusted to our care!

“My name is Anh. I was born deaf to a family in the countryside. Both parents are workers, so my life is not too difficult. But I could never go to school until New Beginnings School started.

At the school, we learn regular subjects and the teacher organizes activities to help me in life, like how to use the internet safely, and how to know what is a true friend (Jesus!).

This month we learned about growing vegetables. Every day I observe my vegetables, give them water, remove yellow leaves and catch the worms off the plants.

A student’s painting

I have harvested my plants. I am quite satisfied with the results I achieved. Growing my vegetables helped me realize 2 things. First, I can grow vegetables for myself or to sell. Second, if I give myself wholeheartedly to my work, I can have success and good results.

I thank Orphan Voice for helping me in school and sign language and also for give me useful life skills.”


Your gifts help provide vocational training for our "young adult" students!


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