Join us in our annual Enduring Voices run across Vietnam!

Enduring Voices 100 Mile Run – 2016 will be completed from October 4-6.  Our runners will start at Cinnamon Top, a remote mountain near the Laotian border in the central highlands of Vietnam.  We will finish near the China Sea, a distance of 100 miles across Quang Nam Province, the entire width of central Vietnam!  Along the way, we will pass through numerous villages, orphanages, and schools, visiting the children of Vietnam along the way.  We have room for individual runners and relay teams, but each must be able to run 33 miles per day for three consecutive days.

New this year is a Simul-Run!  Runners who wish to participate, but aren’t able to travel to Vietnam, can accumulate miles between September 30 and October 6.

We aim to raise $50,000 this year, and ask that individuals raise support through our fundraising page.  Whether you will be in Vietnam, or running at home, we appreciate your dedication and support!

In addition to the 100 mile run in Vietnam we are expanding Enduring Voices to include a Simul-Run for people who want to participate in the run but can’t travel to Vietnam.  So people can participate in the run in 3 ways:

Runners in Vietnam can participate as individuals (run the whole 100 miles over the three days) or participate as a relay, which will allow even the most modest of runners to join. If they can’t travel to Vietnam, they can participate in the Simul-Run! This run will allow them to participate wherever they are – for as many miles as they decide, from Oct 1-6.

Individuals or teams can register for the event, either in-person (Vietnam) or the Simul-Run at no cost, then set up their fundraising page.   They can then share their fundraising page on facebook, twitter, and by email.  Anyone can show their support by making a contribution on one of the runners pledge pages.

To register to participate:

To make a contribution to support:  They can select to support an individual runner or team or make a general contribution to Enduring Voices.

Enduring Voices Facebook Page:

For people wanting more information regarding the Simul Run they can contact Jeff at