In the dark world of human trafficking, Vietnam is a “source country.” That is, girls and women mainly, but also young men, are smuggled from Vietnam to other countries through lies or coercion.  Upon arrival in other countries (80% to China but others to Europe and North America), the victims are forced into sexual or labor bondage.  In addition to technical trafficking, Vietnamese girls are also sometimes sexually abused.  Orphan Voice works with the Peoples' Committees of Danang and Quang Nam Province to stop both these evils.

How? To stem the flow of victims, Orphan Voice conducts its More Precious Than Gold and Good Touch-Bad Touch anti-trafficking seminars in junior-high and senior-high schools. More Precious Than Gold teaches young people about the “wiles and ways” of traffickers - of what evil men and women will do in their attempts to entrap - and how to respond to protect themselves. Younger students learn in Good Touch - Bad Touch seminars what an inappropriate touch is, and how to respond if it happens.

At many points throughout both seminars, students declare: “I am more precious than gold; I am more precious than gold.”  We trust in God that this deeply implanted truth, after being watered through the years, will bear eternal fruit.

Every year, thousands of students experience More Precious Than Gold and Good Touch - Bad Touch anti-trafficking seminars.

Orphan Voice’s Victory House program is designed to “catch” girls as they age out of orphanages before sexual harm befalls them. Who’s a high-risk group for trafficking?  We know that girls who have been raised in a state orphanage and who must leave that orphanage at 18 years of age are a high-risk group.  Why?  Consider that they have no family to rely on as they strike out in life.  They have normally not done well in school, so they have few, if any, marketable skills. Most do not qualify for college or vocational school, and even if they do qualify, there’s no one to pay tuition.  If they’ve been raised in a state orphanage, they carry with them unhealed emotional pain. All these things make them prime candidates to fall for the lies and embellishments of traffickers.

In the Victory House program, Orphan Voice mentors are assigned to each youth at program acceptance.  That mentor works with the youth to discover her gifts and callings. 

Orphan Voice helps each girl find an appropriate vocational ed program or even a college program.

Depending on each girl’s situation, as ascertained by her mentor, Orphan Voice may pay tuition and help with rent, books, and food.  The needs of each girl is different.  What remains constant is the presence and love of each girl’s mentor, who regularly meets with her mentee, counsels her, prays for her, and helps her.

After graduation from college or vocational school, the girls are self-sufficient, safe, and able to make their way in life!

But what of girls who never hear More Precious Than Gold or Good Touch-Bad Touch or who are forced to leave “their orphanage” at 18 and who suffer actual abuse or become trafficking victims?  While Good Touch-Bad Touch and More Precious Than Gold are preventive programs, Hope House is a restorative program.

Hope House is a vehicle whereby God “restores the years that the locust has eaten.”  No matter what the enemy has stolen from these women and girls, no matter the abuse they’ve suffered, no matter the dignify they feel they’ve lost, God can restore fully.  Hope House creates an environment of acceptance, love, and healing whereby girls and women can be restored. 

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