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Children in Need

Knowing of Orphan Voice’s FAMILY PRESERVATION PROGRAM, local officials introduced Orphan Voice to these two families yesterday.   We are still gathering information, but know basic facts now.  The first child, Binh, went for a vaccination two years ago, but there was a terrible reaction.  This precious child was left paralyzed in most of her […]

Family Preservation (video)

Each month Orphan Voice delivers food to 83 families who deal with food security and hunger.  The majority of these families have children with special needs in the home.  Orphan Voice staff prepares these 83 bags which will be hand delivered to each of the families. Make a Contribution

Human Trafficking

Research indicates that a new pornographic video is produced in the United States every 39 seconds. In the same vein, the worst of men sell 10-14 year old girls for 4,000.00-5,000.00 per encounter–and except for God’s redeeming ability, thus destroy a life. Senators Orrin Hatch, a republican, and Mike McIwntyre, a democrat, have co-sponsored a […]