Baby Gai’s Story

A 14-year-old girl rides from a school tutoring session to her rural home in the dark of night. Suddenly, in an isolated place, a man drags her off her bicycle and rapes her. Fearful and confused, the girl tells no one–but her grandmother understands five months later when she begins to show. Panic stricken, the grandmother calls the girl’s mother who lives far away. The mother rushes home. Shamed and fearful, the mother decides that her daughter will get an abortion. To that end, the 14-year-old and her mom travel to the nearest “big city”: Danang.

Overcome by grief at the hospital while they wait for the abortion, the mother and daughter cry uncontrollably. A kind person notices and calls Orphan Voice. “Perhaps they can help,” she thinks. Two Orphan Voice workers go to the hospital, talk to the mother and daughter and offer the needed help. The mother and daughter do not want an abortion. When hearing that, Orphan Voice offered to help take care of the young mother during pregnancy, so that she is not forced to get an abortion.

For three months, then, Orphan Voice supported the young mother, saw that she had regular prenatal visits, and provided love and support.

At the appointed time the baby was born- premature, but healthy. She is healthy to this day!

And it was more than the baby’s life that was saved. During our talks with the family, the baby’s grandmother revealed that she and her daughter, the birthmother, had decided (before Orphan Voice’s visit in the hospital) to abort the baby and then commit suicide–such was the shame they felt. Would they have carried through? We can’t be sure, but such was their firm intent.

Orphan Voice partners: You were hope to this family. You were compassion. You gave life. I know that you saved one life. See below. I believe that you saved three lives.

To help other young women like this, donate here.

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