Ha Giang Province,  the northernmost part of Vietnam, is a place where tigers live.  It’s also a place where very poor people live, many from minority tribes.   These people live largely in the forests where they trap, hunt and plant where they can.

After completing elementary school, minority students move to boarding schools in larger towns to attend junior high.  The boarding schools are functional orphanages with the children returning home only a few times each year to see their parents.  Recently, an Orphan Voice Relief Team went to 10 of those junior high boarding schools and their 731 precious children.

As a result of that scouting trip and finding needy children, an Orphan Voice team delivered 731 pairs of new shoes. Have you ever fitted 731 children for shoes? Now imagine buying those shoes in one town, then transporting them 200 miles through 6,500 foot mountains to reach the children. Thankfully, through the teachers’ careful measuring of feet on one end, and the careful buying of shoes on the other, Orphan Voice staff put 1,462 new, warm shoes on those precious feet!

Narrow, muddy roads made five of the schools accessible only by motorbike. It was hard to get there, but our partners sent us and we are very glad to go!.  But Orphan Voice had no choice but to go, because children were in need. Going is what Orphan Voice partners expected us to do.

In the Highlands in the winter, the temperature falls to below freezing. Children often have poor (or no) shoes and they needs coats.  If you would like to provide a child a heavy winter coat and good winter shoes, you can do so for $20 per child.  To do so, click here!