You Comfort Devastated Ones

Binh’s Hope

When Binh was seven, he became seriously ill. In a panic, his parents took him to the hospital. There, as a high fever and bacterial infection attacked, his life hung in the balance.

To his family’s great joy, after a month in hospital care, he stabilized. So much so that doctors soon discharged him. But with the discharge came a diagnosis of cerebral palsy with partial paralysis.

Binh’s dad sold all the family’s land to pay for his medical expenses and ongoing care. And then the money ran out. The family was in crisis. How could they get help?

At that point, Binh’s parents heard of Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center. Hope entered their hears. They thought: “maybe this is the way.”

On his first visit to the Therapy Center, Binh couldn’t sit up on his own. He couldn’t hold anything because his hands and arms were too weak.

But Binh worked hard. Each day, his parents brought him for therapy and each day he said: “I’ll try my best.”

Everyone – parents, therapists, other children and families – were touched by his determination.

And determined he was! After six months of therapy, Binh learned to sit up with some help. After six additional months of work, he could sit up on his own!

The therapists worked hard to increase Binh’s hand and arm strength. They devised a weight lifting routine which he faithfully followed. Today, although still weak, he can hold a two kilo hand weight out from his body. He can walk 8 yards by himself. His mom rejoices because he now dresses himself – freeing her to attend to other household duties.

Binh still has a ways to go, but he has surely come a long, long way! His parents are overjoyed. To the Phu Ninh therapists, they say: “Thank you, moms!”

They also say “THANK YOU” to Orphan Voice partners!

All of Orphan Voice’s special needs ministries, including the Phu Ninh Therapy Center, are sharing the love of Christ with needy children and families each day. God encourages and heals through you. Your gifts change lives!

To invest in changing lives today, donate HERE. Or if you prefer, send your support to PO Box 910410, Lexington Kentucky 40591.

Typhoon Damrey Disaster Relief

Typhoon Damrey resulted in the deaths of 106 people. Mudslides covered entire houses, sometimes with families still inside. Water racing through valleys carried grown men away. Some children were covered by mud as they played.

In the wake of this great suffering, Orphans Voice Rapid Response teams reached out with the Love of Christ to provide emergency food, blankets and other supplies to 5400 men, women and children in the hardest hit areas. Our teams – that is to say YOU – were the first to arrive, except for the military. 

Your gifts to Orphan Voice save and change lives. Your gifts prepare the Lord’s way in the lives of people who are touched by the Love of God during their times of greatest need. Thank you!

To share the love of Christ with the hurting and needy today, donate online HERE.

First Time To The Dentist

In Orphan Voice’s Keeping Families Together program (KFT), we focus on the emotional and physical needs of the family for 18 months. During that time, we train, counsel and implement micro-economic projects so that the family can make more money. We want the family to “pay their own way” within 18 months so that they don’t consider placing their child in an orphanage and don’t become dependent on us. During that 18 month period, we make sure that the children’s medical needs are met.

Recently, Orphan Voice staff took several KFT children to the dentist–their first trip. Some had a good experience, but apparently not all!

Your prayer and financial support keeps families intact – children don’t go to orphanages!

To insure that a child stays with his parents, invest your gift by donating HERE. You can also mail to PO Box 910410, Lexington Kentucky 40591. Thank you!

Hanh: A Life Changed

Hanh: A Life Changed

“When I was six years old, my mom changed a lot. My life changed too.

Before my mom changed, she used to laugh. She played with me and I laughed too. She had a beautiful smile. I loved to sleep with her. She held me close when we slept. I was happy.

Then my aunt died in a motorcycle accident. My mom was pregnant with my little brother at that time. I don’t know what happened to my mom, but she got really sick.

She didn’t cook for us anymore. She didn’t sweep the house anymore. My brother was born and she nursed him, but she didn’t cook for me and my dad.

I didn’t go to school much. I had to take care of my mom, my brother and my dad. My mom laid in bed all day, and I washed her. I cleaned the house. I washed our clothes. I cooked.

I wanted to go to school but couldn’t. I didn’t have friends like others did.

I had two dreams at that time. I wanted to go to school and wanted my mother to be better.

One day, my baby brother was asleep and my mom take him to the well, put him into the bucket and lowered him into the well. But I saw it and ran to my baby brother before he reached the water. I pulled him up in the bucket, but was afraid for him after that.

Some days we didn’t have enough food. One time, we didn’t have food for three days. I was hungry.

This year, I came to live at Promise House. I am 13 now. It’s so different here. One of my dreams has come true! I go to school every day. I am far behind the other children but the housemother got me a tutor. She tells me not to worry that I am behind and not to think badly of myself.

I also have plenty of food, good clothes, friends and the mothers take good care of me. I wish my mom was better but for now, I like it here.

They also brought my brother here, so I don’t have to worry about him.”