Orphan Voice Disaster Relief

Outreach To The Hurting

Presidents Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin arrive in Danang tomorrow. Typhoon Damrey arrived last week.

Damrey struck families living in Nông Sơn District, near Danang, hard. Heavy rains, causing Highland dams to be opened, sent rushing water into rivers and valleys. When the dams opened, Nông Sơn families were caught unaware. For most, their rice, other food, and chickens were washed away. Homes also.

Orphan Voice didn’t take the child’s picture above. We got it from a friend. Thankfully, she lived, but landslides have taken 8 lives. In all, 69 people died from the flooding, landslides and capsized boats at sea.

Orphan Voice is responding to these several thousand suffering families in the Love of Christ. We will deliver our first load of emergency food to Nông Sơn District Saturday. We will likely take more next week.

Every box of noodles, every pound of rice, every blanket lifts the suffering into the Love of Christ.

Will you help? $20 will provide 50 meals; $50 will provide 125 meals.
$100 will provide 250 meals. $250 will provide 625 meals.

To bring the love of Christ to suffering Nong Son District families, Donate Here . Or, mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

Thank you and may God bless you as you remember and protect “the least of these.”

Changing Lives in Vietnam!

Lives Protected, Lives Changed!

I needed a phone charger, so I rode my bike to a the electronics store to buy one. The sales girl greeted me with a dazzling smile. There was something about that smile….

Astonished, I remembered! I first met “Alice” when she was 12. She had come to my office with her heavily-indebted mother. When I saw her at the store, she must have been 16.

Alice’s story as a 12 year old was tragic. She understood her mom’s debt burden and wanted to help her badly. Indeed, her love for her mom caused her to fall prey to sexual abuse.

A so-called family friend said to Alice:

“I know how we can help your mom. I’ll take you to Hue where Vietnamese men who live in American come to tour the old Imperial City. They’re rich and they’re easy to get money from. Just do what they want.” She then took Alice to Hue and set up evening meetings with men.

As bad as it was, the abuse was only for a night and for that we are thankful. One business man cancelled because a meeting ran late. However, at least one man kept his appointment.

Alice’s mom quickly found out about the abuse and reported it. Social Services asked Orphan Voice to help just days afterwards. We did all we could. While we weren’t able to carry out our complete plan to help her, enough was implemented to see that she wasn’t trafficked or abused again. The abuse was a one time event.

That vaguely familiar smile triggered that flood of memories for me that day. Lots of emotion there.

Alice was gainfully employed and on her own. Her smile that day also told me that all was well.

Orphan Voice staff, through your generosity, is enabled to touch hundreds of children, youth, and government officials each month. We need your support, both in prayer and in finances, to reach out to other “Alices,” to provide for the orphan, and to touch with Everlasting love the lowly and hurting. Will you help us today? Click HERE to help!

Enduring Voices 8

Enduring Voices 2017 – Mission Accomplished!

Enduring Voices 2017

Mission accomplished! 103 miles completed. Craig ran 92 of those miles and would have run them all except for severe calf strains incurred from Day 2’s running up and down steep mountain slopes. Colin, Gerald and Ryan teamed up to run the distance in relay fashion. It was Vietnam hot and 103 miles is a long way!

A box truck followed the runners. On top was a speaker looping a recorded anti-trafficking message: “I’m more precious than gold!” – “My body belongs to me.” The 8×15 feet anti-trafficking signs on both sides of the truck read: “For the children’s safety, call (hotline number)” and “Safety is their right.”

The novelty of seeing Westerners running on a hot day coupled with the messages emanating from the loud speaker and the signs served to raise awareness about the trafficking problem. The Enduring Voices runners successfully challenged the attitude that “it doesn’t happen here.”

While Craig and the team were running for three days, Daisy (at the left of the picture below) taught “More Precious Than Gold” anti-trafficking seminars to 4,000 school children! 4,000 in three days! Students, teachers and administrators were informed, challenged, warned and equipped to protect themselves and those under their care. Praise God.

Craig and the team not only raised awareness about human trafficking but they also raised funds for Orphan Voice’s three anti-trafficking programs – nearly $14,000 of it! Many of you gave to encourage the runners and further Orphan Voice’s anti-trafficking work. Thank you!

If you missed your chance to support Craig and the team and would like invest to protect the innocent, donate HERE.

Keeping Her Family Together

Before Mai’s family joined Orphan Voice’s Keeping Families Together program (KFT), she and Duc, her husband, often fought – usually over money and sometimes violently. Life was hard. The children knew the stab of hunger pains. Their son couldn’t attend school because they couldn’t afford the fees.

The financial pressure spilled over to child discipline – in a bad way. Divorce approached.

But a miracle happened! Mai and Duc were changed through KFT. Love-filled staff have invested themselves into the family to encourage, bless and help. KFT’s various trainings are good and God empowered the staff to give those trainings life. And that life flowed into Mai’s family!

Yes, Mai and Duc have benefitted from marriage counseling, budgeting classes, and training on child discipline. They’ve benefitted more, though, from the caring workers who came along beside them to offer Spirit-filled encouragement and love.
You sent those caring workers. You’re the reason that this family is together. Thank you.

There are others like Mai and Duc who need encouragement and help. An investment that keeps a child OUT of an orphanage is the best one. To make that happen, donate HERE.

Income Generation

One of the key components of Orphan Voice’s Keeping Families Together program is helping families make more money. After all, while poverty was not the root cause of Mai and Duc’s problems, it was a major cause.

To help them make more money, we built on the skills that they had. In Mai and Duc’s case, they knew farming. They were willing to work! With your help, they are raising chickens, ducks and pigs.

Hear Mai’s testimony:

“I’ve sold 10 chickens for 60,000 vnd per kilo! That’s enough to feed out the 20 remaining chickens and buy books, notebooks and school supplies for my children. They’re ready for school! I’ve never been able to buy their school supplies before.”

Mai doesn’t know it, but believers in her village pray for her family each day.  And they are an unusual prayer group.  Several pray 24 hours a day, 7 days per week! As their prayers and yours rise to Heaven, there’s sure to be more blessing for Mai.

Will you invest in a rural family’s life to keep their child out of an orphanage? To keep a family intact, invest HERE.

Phuc: A New Beginning

Phuc experienced a rough beginning. His father abandoned him early on and his mentally-ill mother couldn’t care for herself, much less her son. To the extend that Phuc had care, his grandmother provided it- now she’s too old to do so.

As a result of his grandmother’s decline, village elders petitioned Danang Social Services (DSS) to take Phuc into care. DSS agreed to do so and asked Orphan Voice to care for Phuc at Promise House Group Home. After we searched and found out no aunts or uncles could provide for Phuc, we said “yes.”

In August, Promise House caregivers and children welcomed Phuc to his new home. Soon thereafter, school began. He’s now in classes with new clothes, plenty of school supplies (which he never had before) and plenty to eat.

Having good food is a special blessing, as Phuc has known hunger. His grandmother visits regularly which has helped in transition.

An orphanage isn’t God’s Plan A for a child, but is sometimes needed. Phuc certainly needed it.

Because of you, Promise House Group Home is there to “catch” those of “the least of these” who are in need. Thank you!

Promise House is about 2/3 funded. Your generous gift is needed. To invest in Promise House children, donate HERE.

Your Special Needs Ministry

Your Special Needs Ministry Through Orphan Voice

Thank you, Orphan Voice partners. You show true love to those who cannot walk, to those who cannot hear and to those who cannot see.

In August’s newsletter, we highlight the special needs ministry that we have been blessed with. Enjoy!

To Children Who Are Physically Challenged:

Social services in the Vietnamese countryside are not developed enough to provide therapy centers for special needs children. And poor families can’t travel to large cities where therapy services are available. As a result, cerebral palsy children are often left alone during the day as both parents work. These children normally lie in bed all day, with limbs increasingly drawing up and growing stiff. That’s just the way life is.

Orphan Voice partners have changed all that for 75 families in rural Phu Ninh District. Children who couldn’t walk now walk! Dozens others have made huge developmental gains, such as learning to feed themselves. Imagine yourself a mom whose child has never eaten unless you fed her – and then she learns to feed herself – imagine your joy!

Therapists continue work with these 75 families and we’re reaching out to 100 other special needs children who don’t have therapy or hope!

Can you help us? They need you! To support Orphan Voice’s outreach to special needs children, donate HERE or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

In August’s newsletter, we highlight the special needs ministry that God has given us. Enjoy!

“Bao” (in orange pants) wasn’t able to walk when he came to the Center, but through Grace and hard work, he learned to walk. He’s now the Center’s greatest encourager. Here he encourages “Khanh”

To Cleft Lip Children:

Among the rural poor, a child born with a cleft lip may not receive corrective surgery. Why not? Some village leaders counsel parents to forego surgery fearing that the correction will “temp the fate” which caused the child to be born that way. Others simply don’t have the money or know where to obtain help.

For these children, Orphan Voice removes the barriers that keep parents from obtaining their child’s needed surgery. We pay the hospital fee, provide transportation to and from the hospital. In cases of extreme need, we pay for the child’s food while in the hospital.

We can’t do it without you. Your gift to correct a cleft lip or palate will change one life. Changing one life is a good day’s work! To help a child receive life-changing surgery, donate HERE or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

To Those Who Can’t Walk:

Incredibly, some legless men in the countryside have never owned a wheelchair! Many take blocks of wood, attach handles to the top, position themselves with one block in each hand, lift their trunks up and “walk” with their arms (see the video below). There’s a better way!

Orphan Voice distributes PET carts (personal energy transportation) carts. The cart’s power comes from the driver’s arms.

PET carts greatest benefit is that they enable the handicapped to make more money. The handicapped often sell lottery tickets or mobile phone cards. Without the cart, they would go to “their corner” in the village and sell their cards to passersby during the day. With a PET cart, they move to where the people are during the day. They become self-supporting!

Would you like to help a handicapped person today? To give the gift of mobility, donate HERE or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

To Deaf Children:

Countryside children born deaf don’t attend public schools.  Why not?  Public schools don’t have signing teachers. As a result, countryside deaf children grow up unable to sign or communicate and unable to read, write or compute basic math.  Their job prospects are bleak as they enter adulthood and they become sullen and angry.

Orphan Voice’s New Beginnings School for the Deaf has changed that scenario for 9 deaf children.  For these children, christian teachers teach math, reading, writing and character.  The children learn, they communicate with others and they flourish!  The families give God the glory.

New Beginnings School for the Deaf exists because of you!  You are a vital key to continued ministry to these children.  Can you  help today?  To help give a deaf child a future and hope, donate HERE or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

End Modern Day Slavery

It’s time for Orphan Voice’s Enduring Voices 100 mile run! Support Craig’s team as they raise awareness and funds to end the evil of sexual slavery. Donate HERE to fight!

Where Would She Go?

Hien’s House Before Orphange Life

“I Don’t Know Who Will Help Me”

Hien’s mom died when she was two. Though he tried, her mentally handicapped father wasn’t up to the task of raising four children. Hien and her siblings were often alone and sometimes hungry.

Seeing that the children weren’t safe, government social workers took legal custody of them. They placed Hien in the village orphanage.

Orphanage Where Hien Grew Up

Hien’s Orphanage Room

So it was in an orphanage that Hien grew up. There, she made friends with other orphans, some became close friends; she had plenty of food and went to the doctor when needed; she did well in successive grades of schooling; she began to view boys differently.  In short, she passed from childhood to adolescence there. That village orphanage – though lacking – was the best “home” she’d ever known. There, she felt secure.

Hien’s security ended when she graduated from high school. The orphanage director told her she had to leave.

Where would she go?  Fear invaded her heart.  Looking back, she says: “I was worried about what would happen. I didn’t know who would help me.” She wanted to attend college, but how?

Hien learned of Orphan Voice’s Victory House program. Hope made headway against the fear. “Maybe this is the way!” she thought.

Victory House helps orphaned girls who’ve been forced to leave the only home they’ve ever known–their orphanage–when they “age out.”  Victory House provides mentoring, college or vocational training, and a place to live with a food stipend until the girls graduate and get a job to support themselves. Victory House also serves as an anti-trafficking protection, because young girls aging out of orphanages with no place to go are prime targets of traffickers.

Hien applied to Victory House and was accepted!

Hien has proven herself a faithful student in the past 4 years! She recently graduated with a degree in accounting. And, best of all, she’s already gainfully employed in the finance department at a local restaurant. She’s passing from adolescence to adulthood – because of you!

Hien is grateful. Because she’s now receiving a paycheck, she won’t receive any Victory House support after August. She says: “Thank you! Without Orphan Voice, I don’t know who would have helped me.”

Victory House has accepted four new girls. Can you help us help them? To invest in the lives of Victory House girls, donate HERE. Or, mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

You Honor Him

Vi and Grandmother Huong

Vi’s Certificate For Excellence At New Beginnings Awards Ceremony

“Grandma–I Won’t Stay With You Tonight”

Vi often spends the night with her Grandmother Huong, and like most grandmas, Huong loves that and always cooks Vi’s favorite foods.

Last month, Vi brought Huong tears of joy. How? She texted her grandmother in Vietnamese: “Grandma–I won’t stay with you tonight. I’ll go home with Mom.”

Why was that text so moving? Huong cried because since Vi’s early years, she thought that Vi wouldn’t be able to live normally. You see, Vi is deaf. And in the countryside, deaf children don’t attend school, don’t learn to sign, don’t learn to read or write or learn math. They don’t get good jobs later either.

Huong knew that Vi attended Orphan Voice’s New Beginnings School for the Deaf, but she didn’t know about the quality of her classes. When Vi texted her in perfect Vietnamese, though, she realized that New Beginnings is very much a school and that Vi is very much a student!

Because of you, Vi and her classmates are learning signing, math, writing, reading and character. She’s gaining skills that will make her an overcomer!

In its special needs outreaches, Orphan Voice provides deaf education, physical therapy, wheelchairs, and cleft lip/palate operations. But you make it happen.

To “keep it happening” for our special needs community, donate HERE or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591. Thank you!

Tho Earns A Certificate Of Excellence

Hien Earns A Certificate Of Excellence

New Beginnings Award Ceremony

School’s out!

Students celebrate a successful school year! Enjoy the smiling faces of students, parents, grandparents and teachers!

New Beginning’s Parents, Grandparents And Students Celebrate A Great Year!

Han: New Beginning’s Best Student!

Tai Earns A Certificate Of Excellence

Cooking Oil In The Basket.  Rice And Noodles Behind.  Notice His Shoes!




You enable Orphan Voice to feed the hungry. We recently discovered three siblings, from 8-15, living in their village whose mom lived 5 hours away in a larger city. The mom’s plan was to work in the city for several months, build up her savings, and then return to her children.

While she worked apart from her children, she returned home monthly to see them, bringing them a large bag of rice each trip. Trouble was, that bag wasn’t enough to last until she returned the next month and the children were reduced to asking neighbors for help when the food ran out.

When we visited, the children were eating only two meals per day. The oldest child plaintively said: “Please help me. They (his younger siblings) always ask for food and I don’t know what to do.”

In the end, we provided the children sufficient food until their mom could find work closer to home– which she did.

“I Can Go To
The Market Easier Now.”

“I’m So Happy. Thanks.
I Can Go To My Friend’s House.”

Mobility: Personal Energy Transportation Carts 

Some physically handicapped men and women in the Vietnamese countryside don’t own a wheelchair. They depend on others to go from place to place– maybe a friend lifts them onto a motor bike and carries them or maybe they make “lifters’ with blocks of wood and carry themselves around with their hands.

Mobility is just as important to them as it is to us bi-peds!

Because of the generosity of Orphan Voice partners, 20 rural people now experience the mobility that we take for granted. Check these grateful ones out!

Orphan Voice’s special needs ministry consists of the Phu Ninh Therapy Center, transportation cart distribution as shown here, cleft palate and lip repair and deaf education. All happen because of your care and love! Thank you!

Thien Will Not Travel This Way Again!

“I Will Remember Your Help Forever!”

Phuong’s Miracle

Family Life Transformation

We are compelled to bless the least of these, and that means Family Life Transformation. We want families moving from dependence to independence.  Put another way: we find blessing in the delivery of rice to hungry families, but ultimately, that family providing for its own needs is the goal. That’s what our Keeping Families Together program is all about. We don’t want a destitute, single mom looking for an orphanage to place her children in.

Today, you meet Phuong. The emotions of Phuong’s story run the gamut – from despair to joy and you’ll see why.

“I Don’t Want To Leave My Mother!”

With three children, ages 10, 8 and 3, Phuong and her husband, Duc, had family riches, even though as the world reckons they were poor. Duc worked as a builder’s helper which paid enough to put food on the table. Phuong stayed at home with the kids. Given that Phuong is deaf which makes finding a job difficult anyway, she was happy.

The family’s life was upended when Duc died of a stroke one year ago. Like a bolt from the blue, Phuong’s life suddenly and drastically changed.

After the funeral, with mounting bills, no income and the emotional loss of her beloved husband, Phuong sank into deep depression. She could barely function. Neighbors and friends provided food for the children.

At the nadir of Phuong’s grief, fearing that she couldn’t feed her children and send them to school, she arranged with a lady from a neighboring village to adopt her oldest daughter, Nguyen. Everyone thought the adoption best for Nguyen and the family in the long run, but not Nguyen! She cried out: “I don’t want to leave my mother!” That stopped the adoption!

At that point, local leaders asked Orphan Voice for help. Soon afterward, Phuong and her children were accepted into our Keeping Families Together program. Check it out to see what happened.

“Have I not wept for her who is in trouble?

Hope is Born

During our staff’s first visit, Phuong and her children were visibly depressed. First, we got food into the house. We then obtained needed medical care for the children. Several counseling sessions followed. Only slowly did hope arise in Phuong’s heart. But it did arise!

We needed to find a way for Phuong to support her family. Her deadliest enemy continually discouraged her. Many negative, even compelling facts, supported failure: 1) Phuong is uneducated; 2) she’s deaf; 3) she’d never worked outside the home and thus had no to skills to build on. Overwhelming, huh?

But, Phuong lives near a busy road. With encouragement and hope, that busy road provided a way forward!

Melons From Phuong’s Garden

Bananas From Phuong’s Garden

Making More Money

After much prayer and Orphan Voice-provided training, Phuong opened a food shop along the busy roadway near her home to sell sandwiches (banh my) and sugar cane juice (nuoc mia).

We employed a multi-faceted approach. First, Phuong grew vegetables to use and sell in her new business. Second, we purchased a sugar cane press and cup sealing machine to equip her to make and sell nuoc mia. Third, we mentored her to buy vegetables and bread at the village market, add value to them by making sandwiches, and then sell the sandwiches (banh my) and sugar cane juice (nuoc mia) for a profit. We also trained her in book-keeping, budgeting, and business planning.

Sugar Cane Ready For Squeezing

Phuong Cuts Off The Outer Skin Of The Sugar Cane

Phuong Making Nuoc Mia

Nuoc Mia

After cleaning, splitting, skinning and cutting the cane into the 12 inch lengths, Phuong squeezes the sweet juice out of the sugar cane by running it through the press. The press deposits the exhausted cane in a throw-away pile while collecting the nuoc mia in a separate bowl. Phuong then pours the nuoc mia into cups and adds a little ice. Another Orphan Voice-provided machine seals the iced nuoc mia with a plastic wrap. Then, its ready to sell!

Hot and tired men and women coming in from the fields love it! The nuoc mia is a powerful thrist quencher and it tastes great!

Customers Love Phuong’s
Heated Sandwich Bread

Phuong Prepares A Tasty Sandwich

Banh My

Phuong also sells sandwiches. At 5:00 each morning, Phuong walks to the village market and buys bean sprouts, eggs, bread and cucumbers. These will make their way into her sandwiches. Vegetables grown in her garden supplement these morning market purchases.

A clean and attractive “food-cart,” purchased for Phuong by Orphan Voice, has compartments to hold the various sandwich ingredients. At breakfast and lunch time, Phuong first warms the bread (baguettes). She then adds eggs and the customer’s vegetables of choice to round out each sandwich. It tastes great!

Phuong’s Profit

Now you’ll understand why Phuong is happy. Her profit from selling banh my and nuoc mia is 100,000–150,000 VND per day (from $4.50 to $6.50)! That’s enough to provide for her children, including sending them to school!

Phuong’s Customers Love
Her Bahn My And Nuoc Mia!

A Happy Ha, Khanh And Nguyen:
Eating Regularly And Going To School!

The Most Amazing Special Olympics

Darol, Cheryl, Mike and Jessica wanted to encourage 35 Vietnamese special needs children and their families. Wow, did they ever do that!

Darol and Mike are world-class athletes, and both are paraplegics. Their disabilities haven’t kept them from climbing mountains, paragliding, and accepting most any challenge that comes their way though.

It was the hope and an “I cando it” attitude that Darol and his team wanted to communicate to the children of Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center during Special Olympics. They couldn’t tell them in Vietnamese; instead, they spent two days demonstrating those attitudes tangibly. The childrenunderstood!

Hear the testimony of Moms and Dads:

“My daughter is playing so hard. She’s so happy.” “When my son saw the man in his wheelchair, he wanted one too!” “I’ve never seen my daughter so excited!”

Many of the Phu Ninh children cannot express themselves. They can’t articulate with words what they feel. On this day spent with the Special Olympics team, they didn’t need to speak anything. They “got it.” They now know that they can do things too!

Your gifts keep the Phu Ninh Therapy Center open. Thank you for your continuous support!

Stopping Evil

Trafficking and sexual abuse are rampant evils that destroy the young and innocent.  In Orphan Voice’s efforts to protect the least of these from abuse, we present More Precious Than Gold and Good Touch, Bad Touch seminars, normally in public schools.  

The Least of MINE

No More Waiting

Thu (above) can surely be considered as one of “the least of these.”

When I visited Thu’s house on April 18th, when I heard her cry out in pain when moved, when I saw her bony arms and legs, barriers to action (to be explained) in my heart fell away. The thought came: “we can’t wait any longer.”

You see, for the past two years, rural families in six districts with children like Thu have implored us to help. Desperately wanting to do so, we’ve sent funding proposals for the past year to foundations seeking support to open a new therapy center. No foundation could help.

Because no foundation provided support, I allowed that perceived financial barrier to keep us from helping “the least of His.”

Those barriers fell away when I saw Thu. They fell away because His compassion in us finally overcame all reasons not to act. We can and we will!

Will you pray with us for His provision? He has already answered in part. Caroline Mrowiec is a young occupational therapist living in Waco, Texas who has been called to move to Vietnam and help these children. She’s raising funds to come and donate her skills two years.

You, our partners, are faithful and sacrificial givers. Thank you! Please continue your support.

Do you know of others who can help us start a new therapy center? Some can invest $500 without stress; others without stress can invest $10,000; there are some who can fund the therapy center outright. Are you that person? If now, can you pass this need along to another who can?

To minister to Thu and other special needs children, donate HERE to make your donation online or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591 to give by check.

If you would like more information regarding the therapy center, e.g. therapy equipment needed, the number of children to be served, etc., email tony.brewer@orphanvoice.org.

Thank you!

Don’t Miss Tony’s Pepsi Challenge!

Good As New

When Khao’s grandmother first saw her newborn grandson’s cleft lip, she scolded Thu, her daughter-in-law, harshly. In her mind, Thu must have done something wrong for fate to have created Khoa this way. Thu cried a lot.

When Thu took Khoa to her village’s clinic, she ran into an Orphan Voice worker from the Phu NInh Therapy Center.  Hearing of, and seeing, Thu’s distress, she told Thu about Orphan Voice’s cleft lip program.

Hope was born in Thu’s heart that day!  Maybe things could be better.  Preparations were made.

The big day came!  Khoa and Thu boarded Orphan Voice’s van for the 2 1/2 hours drive to the hospital.  After necessary tests and screenings, the doctors approved Khoa for surgery!  Later that week, his lip was repaired.

Now Khoa sleeps better and eats more (his palate will be closed soon).  His parents are joyful.  Thu says: ”We are so happy and grateful for Orphan Voice’s help.  My son is so handsome and I’m so proud of him. My mother-in-law is also happier.  We wish that good things happen to Orphan Voice.”

She continues, “I hope that many people will get help from Orphan Voice like us.”

Did you hear what she said?  “I hope that many people will get help from Orphan Voice like us!”

Only with your help will Thu’s wish come true!  Only because of you “will many other people also get help from Orphan Voice like us.”  You’re that special and you’re that important!  Please change a life today through your generous gift?  Click here to DONATE today.

A Wounded Warrior
“My Wife Will Love Me Now!”

(Click on the picture to see the video!)

Note from Tony: My Pepsi Challenge to you: If you watch Huong’s 15 second video and don’t like it, I’ll buy you a Pepsi (or Coke) the next time we’re together!)

Huong fought in the army and was injured in battle years ago.  That injury left him unable to walk unassisted.  He walks today only with the help of his devoted, 70 year old wife, Dung.

During their lives, Huong worried about the burden that his disability caused Dung. He says: “I always wanted to release the burden off her.”

Huong never owned a wheelchair or walking aid – only Dung’s helping hand.

Hope came to Huong and Dung’s hearts when Orphan Voice delivered a shipment of PET (personal energy transportation) carts to his village.  We quickly qualified Huong to receive a PET cart. It was an exciting day!  After training, Huong was “off to the races.”

The results?   See for yourself by clicking here.  Wow!  When you watch, you’ll see one happy guy!  (Remember Tony’s Pepsi Challenge!)

Huong has gained control over his life and feels more independent.  Before receiving his PET cart, he was largely immobile;  now, he rides daily to neighbors’ houses to visit.  He will even use his newfound mobility to make some extra money!

Dung says: “Thank you, Orphan Voice, for giving my husband the cart.  Without your help, he would never have had this precious gift!”

Huong simply says: “I will remember Orphan Voice’s help forever.

Orphan Voice is heavily invested in caring for the needs of those with special needs: at the Phu NInh Therapy Center; at New Beginnings School for the Deaf; with PET cart distributions; and by cleft lip and palate corrective surgeries.  With your help, we will reach even more.  Want to be a part?

To change a life forever, click here to DONATE today.

It Was Me

Click on the picture to view this powerful video!

Recently Orphan Voice partnered with Danang International Fellowship to visit patients at a local cancer hospital.  Medical care being less developed in Vietnam than in the United States, many of these patients have little hope.  Take a moment to see how reaching out to others brings hope and powerfully affects lives – even with a language barrier!  (Click below)

We were able to reach out to these because of you!   To further the many ministries of Orphan Voice, click here to DONATE today.