The “Puberty Talk” At Promise House

Lonely No More

Imagine growing up with severe hearing loss, unable to communicate with others.  While you’re imagining, you also can’t learn because there aren’t signing teachers in your village school. Yours would be a lonely world.

But it’s a very real world for poor, deaf children who live in the Vietnamese countryside.

They’re lonely no more.   For eight children at New Beginnings School for the Deaf, He has transformed their lonely lives into vibrant ones.  Having learned sigh language, the children now communicate with others.  Having learned math and  writing, they have the skills that others do.

To transform these lives, Orphan Voice pays two teachers, buys lunches for the children and provides their school supplies.  It’s not cheap.

We need your help to keep New Beginnings School for the Deaf open and the discipleship continuing.  Please sow a generous gift into these children today by donating HERE or by mailing your gift to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

Miracles For Today

Look at the smile of a child who is overcoming cerebral palsy and who now walks!  We’ve told you about Trinh, but her story is so amazing that it’s worth a re-tell.  A loving Father is behind it all.

Each day at the Phu Ninh Therapy Center, Orphan Voice provides for three therapists, equips the Center with therapy equipment and buys lunches for the children.

We need your help to continue this life-changing ministry.  Without it, these children will lack services and some will not live beyond their beds.

To bless and help a special needs child, donate HERE or mail your gift to Orphan Voice, P.O Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

Promise House: The Puberty Talk

“I Will Restore To You The Years That The Locust Has Eaten”

Orphan Voice takes its responsibility for the 21 children living at Promise House seriously.

In the last quarter of 2016, our staff along with paid and volunteer teachers, provided 144 tutoring sessions.

More importantly, our staff mentored children in small group settings 24 times.  That’s 24 opportunities for the Father to pour out His healing love to damaged lives.  He faithfully does that, and as He does so, He restores their lives to what He intended them to be!

The small group mentoring topics are interesting.  We recently talked about the difference between “like and love.”  Bracing ourselves, we went the full distance and had “the puberty talk.”

Whew!  Glad that’s over!

As we provide 166 tutoring and mentoring sessions; as we buy food for the caregivers and children each day; as we take them to the hospital; as we buy their school supplies and clothes; and as we hold their hands and dry their tears, we quickly realize that we can’t do anything without you.

We need you to lend us your faith and support this work.  Help us provide for these selected ones of “the least of these” by donating HERE or by mailing your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

Protecting The Innocent

“Lan’s uncle asked her if she wanted to go to China with him on vacation.  She quickly said “yes.”  Lan’s mom knew what was happening.  Once in China, Lan was sold as a bride to a middleman for $500.

“Phuong’s” mother desperately needed money to repay a loan shark.  A neighbor came to pretty, 12 year old Phuong and told her how she could get money for her mother: “We will go to Hue where rich Vietnamese men visit from America. Just do what they say. They’re easy to get money from.”

12 year old “Linh” was riding home at night on her bike along a country road from the village school.  Suddenly, a man jumped from the shadows and raped her.  Little “Linh” never understood what happened and never spoke of it – until her grandmother noticed her growing stomach.

Real girls – who suffered in real ways.  We know them personally.

“No more!”

Through Orphan Voice’s Victory House program, vulnerable girls who’ve aged out of orphanages but have no place to live, are given a home, food to eat and job training so that they can provide for themselves.  With the job comes safety.

At Orphan Voice’s Hope House, girls who have been raped or trafficked find safety, a loving home and practical help as they recover from their trauma.  Through love, brokenness is turned into beauty.

Through Orphan Voice’s More Precious Than Gold anti-trafficking seminars, tens of thousands of children hear about the “ways and wiles” of traffickers.  More importantly, they learn how to protect themselves and who to call if they suspect that a trafficker is near.

Through you, Orphan Voice is protecting young girls from sexual abuse.  But we need your help to continue.  Can you give sacrificially today to protect the innocent?  To do so, donate HERE or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

Super-Abounding Grace – Christmas 2016

Thuy Van: Loving The Child With CP

Thuy Van is a beautiful girl with cerebral palsy who we’ve known for several years. 

Some months after birth, when her parents feared that she wasn’t developing well, doctors made the CP diagnosis. They recommended to the family that they take their daughter to Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center. 

When she arrived, she couldn’t roll over or sit up. But, after a year’s work, she slowly gained those abilities. Her neck muscles also grew stronger – giving her more head control. 

At that point her grandmother erred greatly and took Van to a fortune teller. In rural Vietnam, many farmers do so. The Bible forbids consulting such people – and for good reason. When people visit fortune tellers, they unknowingly give the Enemy power and access to their lives.  The Enemy steals, kills and destroys – always.

Immediately after the visit, Van lost all her developmental gains. She experienced total regression!

We first counselled her grandmother to forsake the fortune teller! Then we prayed – and the therapists and Van worked hard. Gradually, she recovered what she had lost.

Some months ago, Van developed a painful condition where her eyelids turned inward, causing her eyelashes to press against her eyeball. The pain was terrible. Her parents sought relief at two hospitals, but surgery was unsuccessful. At that point, we got involved with this problem in her life and worked with a third hospital to have the painful condition corrected.

Yes, Van still has CP. She will always have it. How can we help Van and her family?  By working to raise and then maintain her quality of life.  Be sure that the quality of her life is better than it would have been without you, our partners, sending us to her. Partners – you’ve done a lot!

In all, Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Centre has served 75 families over the years.  Without exaggeration, hundreds of children like Van don’t have any help (see A Tale of Two Districts below).  We need your help to expand our work among children with special needs. Can you help us with your generous year’s end gift today?

Thank you sowing into the lives of “the least of these” by donating HERE or sending your gift to Orphan Voice, PO Box 910410, Lexington, KY 40591.

Super-Abounding Grace: “I Feel Loved And Cared For”

Families in Quang Binh Province have suffered from severe flooding during October: at the month’s beginning and again at month’s end.  Hear – and feel – the suffering of boys, girls, mothers and fathers.

  • 33 children orphaned – a permanent “empty place” will remain in each child’s heart.
  • Families’ animals died: over 100,000 poultry and thousands of pigs.  Stomachs are empty!

After the first wave of flooding and partial recovery, an Orphan Voice team delivered 4 tons of rice to two small villages in a hard hit, very remote area.  Just days later, additional rains came, causing more suffering and even death.

Que, a farmer, is a widow living with her two young daughters.  When the first flood came, her family climbed to their home’s partially completed 2nd floor where they stayed for several hours.  They had nothing to eat or drink, and relieved themselves into the swirling waters below.

Thankfully, they lived.  And when the Orphan Voice team came with rice, it was as if heaven opened. Que said:

“The visit from Orphan Voice cheered me up so much.  I felt that others love and care for me.”

In further demonstration of His love, did you know that Orphan Voice provided over 50,000 meals in 2016 – much of it emergency relief to families desperately in need?  Rather, YOU provided over 50,000 meals!

With history as our guide, we know that many children will need emergency help in 2017.  Mostly likely, we will provide emergency food.  If you would like to help us prepare for those times, so that we can react swiftly, donate HERE.  Or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

Have a friend who might be interested in blessing  “the least of these?”  Forward this newsletter to them!

Vi’s New World

15 year old, Vi, was born deaf although it was a couple of years before his family knew it. He was later abandoned by his parents. He hasn’t seen his mother for years. His father visits once a year at Tet Holiday.

Vi grew up unable to communicate with others – living not only in a lonely world of silence but also of anger and guilt. Anger – because he was mentally normal but unable to communicate well with others. Guilt – because he was the reason – he thought – that his parents divorced and left him.

Vi’s grandparents are simple farmers making only $600 per year, but they took him in when his parents divorced! They’ve loved him ever since.

Over the years, his grandparents sought the only help they knew.  They took Vi to an expert in acupuncture. No help.

And then Vi reached school age. Unfortunately, rural schools don’t have signing teachers for deaf students, so he couldn’t go to school. The older Vi got, the more frustrated, isolated and angry he became. Imagine, being smart but unable to communicate to others anything beyond one’s basic needs!

Life changed for Vi when Orphan Voice opened New Beginnings School for the Deaf. New Beginnings serves deaf students in his village.

When he first came to New Beginnings, he easily became frustrated. He didn’t know any numbers or signs for words. Sometimes, he shouted out in anger. Today, Vi is different – much more patient and kind. He loves drawing and math. He can add and subtract 4 digit numbers! He’s more peaceful. On his school field trip to “big-city Danang,” he ate 8 large slices of pizza! Hear his grandparents’ testimony:

“Everyone sees a big change in Vi – in the way he acts.” 

Love changes lives! Vi is evidence!

Without your prayer and financial support, we cannot reach Vi and others like him. There are dozens of other deaf children in the countryside who have no help. No help!  As we look toward’s year’s end, will you enable us reach them? To do so, invest your gift HERE.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that Orphan Voice provided 1,472 therapy sessions for children with special needs in 2016?
  • Or that Orphan Voice provides 3,067 meals each and every month to children?
  • Or that Orphan Voice provided 50,000 meals to children and the poor in 2016 – much of it emergency relief?
  • Or that over 20 children have gained the ability to walk – when they could not walk before – because of Orphan Voice’s outreach to children with special needs?

Children With Special Needs: A Tale of Two Districts

Meet Dao. He lives in Thang Binh District, where no services for children with cerebral palsy exist. By the way, would you guess that Dao is 20 years old? Doesn’t he look much more like 10?

Now, by way of contrast, let me tell you about Khang, Hau, Anh Tien, Cong Hao, Ngoc, Trinh, and, for the sake of time, 18 others. Most of these children also have cerebral palsy. All live in Phu Ninh District where Orphan Voice operates it’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center. All 24 of these children walk today when they didn’t walk before.

The difference? An Orphan Voice operated therapy center. 

Back to Dao.  His mom died when he was 5 years old. His dad remarried, but he and Dao’s step-mother are gone from the house most of the day. Dao has spent the last 20 years lying in that bed. On most days, Dao’s step mom returns home at noon to give him some water and food or to clean up after him. On some days, she doesn’t make it back home at noon. We have to change this! 

For the last two years, Thang Binh District officials, where Dao lives, have asked Orphan Voice to operate a therapy centre for their district’s 100 special needs children. We want to do so. We have a plan to do so, a budget to do so and licensed therapists to do so. We’re waiting only on the right partner or partners to fund the facility.

To open a facility for Thang Binh’s children we need $35,000 in start up funds and another $50,000 for year one’s operation.

As we look to year’s end, perhaps your business or church would like to fund this project?  Or you may feel led personally to help these children in a significant way.

All the Thang Binh children aren’t as severely handicapped as Dao, but many are.  Will you help us reach them?  To do so, invest your gift HERE.

“He Looks Very More Handsome!”

Khang’s Grandmother

Khang was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate to distraught, first-time parents.  They worried – and more so as their son grew weak and sick because he couldn’t suck.  A trip to an Orthopaedic Hospital provided no help because their foreign surgeons were unavailable.

At the Orthopaedic Hospital, Khang’s mom heard of Orphan Voice and called for help.  Our answer: “Come today.”

His first need was to gain weight and recover from terrible congestion.  There could be no surgery until those conditions were met!  To help him regain health, we gave mom a cleft lip bottle and special nipple which allowed him to get more nutrition.  We also bought lots of fortified milk!  Within a few weeks of regular feeding and some antibiotics, Khang’s weight was up and his congestion gone! Time for surgery!

Khang’s family tells the rest of the story:

His mom says: “Since the surgery, Khangcan suck better and easier.”  Grandmother says: “My grandson looks very more handsome.  I’m so happy for him. Thanks to Orphan Voice’s help, my grandson can have a new life.  We are all very grateful for your help.”

Some children won’t have cleft lip or palate surgery unless we help.

Cost of surgeries vary, but $750 will pay for most.  Would you provide for 10 surgeries in 2017.  Or can you change a child’s life by providing for one surgery?

To bless, donate HEREThank you!

Not Forsaken

Thanks to your support, Linh (fictitious name) now has clearer vision…both literally and spiritually!  Because you care enough to support her and 20 others at Promise House, we take the children to the doctor, dentist and optometrist, just as you do at home!

On a recent trip to the optometrist, 7 children needed updated prescriptions for existing glasses or glasses for the first time. They got them.

Your support enables Orphan Voice to provide total care for the 21 Promise House children – from food, education, clothing, and health care to counselling and mentoring.  Thank you.  But you do more than that!

Did you know that your love extends to young boys living in an orphanage in the North of Vietnam who were trafficked to China as infants?  The boys were all sold through a trafficking network from Vietnam to China when they were only several days old.

After having lived in China for several years, when they were 6 and 7 years old and established in families, Chinese authorities learned the truth and returned them to Vietnam.  That result sounds harsh – and it is.  Finding their birthparents is impossible.  The parents may have illegally sold them in the first place and certainly will not step forward to incriminate themselves.  But what of the children?

Orphan Voice, through you, is now helping to care for them.  These boys were never meant to be separated from their families; once it happened, however, Love reaches into that situation and restores. You are part of that.

Further, did you know that Orphan Voice provides for children in 10 other state-run orphanages and 12 state-run boarding schools?  Care for these children takes the form of extra food, repair of bathrooms and living quarters, the installation of electricity to dorms and more.  We don’t see them every day, but the help is critically needed.  They are blessed and cared for through it.

We need your faith-filled prayer and financial support to care for of these children.  Without you, we can do nothing.  As we approach the year’s end, will you sow a generous gift to enable us to meet our obligations to care for “the least of these.”

To do so, donate HERE.  Thank you.

What a Cutie!


What a cutie!  This little fellow is on his way to a healthier and happier life!  Because of your generosity, Khang received surgery for his cleft lip in October.  His parents are so grateful for the life-changing surgery they could never afford“You have shared the burden with my family.  Our son can have a new life!”

Khang’s mother is overjoyed.  It used to take her hours to feed Khang, even with a special bottle.  She is hopeful that he will now be able to drink from her breast.  “On behalf of my family, I am deeply grateful to Orphan Voice and the sponsors for your love and care for my child.”  The family is overwhelmed with YOUR sacrifice.  Thank you!

Your gifts to Where Most Needed provide for families like this one.  We can only bless “the least of these” as you enable us.  Please share from your abundance HERE.


Responding Quickly to Disaster – Will You Help?

Responding to Tropical Storm Nari

Being “nimble” is one of Orphan Voice’s strengths.  It allows us to respond quickly to unexpected, and un-budgeted for, natural disasters.  Such a disaster just struck to the north of us.

Ten people are dead and five others are missing from Tropical Storm Nari.  550 houses have been washed away and another 12,500 severely damaged. 8,580 people have been evacuated.  20 schools have been badly damaged.

Last week, Orphan Voice contacted Provincial disaster relief officials to offer our help and love.  Jesus goes to people in their need and we wanted to do that also.  In helping their people, we asked the officials to meet two criteria.  First, we would go to the worst-hit areas, and second, we would go where no one else was going.  They were glad to identify 350 such families.

On Tuesday night (United States time) – the day this newsletter is emailed – Orphan Voice staff and volunteers will be in Tuyen Hoa District of Quang Binh Province giving 4 tons of much-needed rice to 350 hungry, needy families.  We are doing that in your name and stead.  Thank you for making it possible.

In the next newsletter, we will give a follow-up report with pictures.

Half of the funds for this food were donated from friends in Danang and Saigon.  We took on the remaining obligation by faith, knowing that we could not turn the needy away in their time of need.  If you would like to help pay for the rice, DONATE HERE to Disaster Relief.  Or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

A Life Transformed

Doctors sent this child home to die three times.  See how Truc’s life has been transformed through therapy, hard work, and deep, caring love.  Click to watch a short video of her transformation! 

THIS JUST IN!  The ladies of Phu Ninh Therapy Center called this very morning so excited!  Truc walked 5 meters by herself!  That’s over 15 feet!

Your Gifts Protect “The Least of These”

Anti-Trafficking Seminars Reach Danang

Mrs. Tam (below) leads the Danang Charity Association – the most important charity in Danang.  She is a woman of deep compassion.  When she learns of young girls being sexually abused in Danang, her heart burns.

A few months ago, Mrs. Tam heard of Orphan Voice’s More Precious Than Gold anti-trafficking seminars.  When she heard, a spark went off in her heart.  Perhaps this was the answer she was looking for!

One of Mrs. Tam’s deepest burdens is for girls who are sexually abused and trafficked in Danang (one recent case that motivates her was the raping of a 10 year old).  So much has changed in Danang over the years.  From a sleepy, poor town with little tourist contact, Danang is now a major destination for international tourists.

But international tourism, for all its positive benefits also has a seedy side.  For example, a casino has been built along one of Danang’s beaches.  Men come from all over Asia to gamble and “party.”  Young girls are sometimes abused.

It was this problem – how to protect ‘the least of these” – that caused Mrs. Tam to seek a meeting with Orphan Voice.  And that meeting led to positive results!

We have long been reaching outlying village children.  Doors have been opened for Orphan Voice to regularly conduct More Precious Than Gold seminars in Danang!  Additionally, plans are underway to reach out to the police about enforcement of existing laws, strengthening of those laws, and prosecution of abusers pursuant to those laws. We are making progress.

We are making progress because of you!  Thank you.  We covet your prayers.  Our protective seminars convey to children that they are loved.  Pray with us that the message goes deep.

Will you sow into the lives of these children today?  To do so, invest your gift of protection HERE, designated to Trafficking Rescue and Prevention.

Enduring Voices Success

Thanks from Craig Reed

When I first got the idea to run across Vietnam to raise awareness and funds for Orphan Voice, I thought it a bit crazy.  Now we have done it twice!

I want to say how grateful I am for your support in our efforts to expand Enduring Voices this year. Last year, we raised $23,000, and this year we had a 50% increase to more than $34,000! We could not have accomplished this without the support of friends and family, the physical sacrifice of nearly a dozen runners, and the time commitment of the Orphan Voice team.

So, as we bring Enduring Voices 2016 to a close, I offer a final word of thanks. The love that these children feel pouring through us is real. I have seen their gratitude first hand. I have heard their stories. I have held their hands. The love is real, and it comes from you. I thought about each of you with every step I took. In three days, we covered 162km (101 miles), 6,576m (21,575’) of elevation change, and 22 hours of running. That’s about 200,000 steps in three days, each one thanking you for your support, and hearing the Enduring Voices of the children along the way.

Learning From Others

Promise House Child Update

“Anna” is happy and healthy.  She enjoys school.  Her best subject is Art.  She also likes Math, Biology, and English.  Anna is
grateful for the house father who reminds her to study, and for the mothers who cook good food and help her daily.  She also knows her older “sisters” love her very much.

When asked to share a proud accomplishment, Anna says she has been going to market with Mrs. Lan and helping the caregivers with cooking!  She hopes to become a good cook.

Anna looks up to her two best friends who make her more friendly and kind. “They have a good influence on me.”  After visiting children in other orphanages who have similar backgrounds, Anna says she is learning to be happier and not have self-pity.  “They overcome their difficulties and study well.  I should learn from them.”

In her free time, Anna likes to sing, draw, and eat dessert food.  If she could go on vacation anywhere in the world, she would go “to Korea to see famous singers, and enjoy the beauty there.”  If she could change one bad habit, it would be not getting sleepy while the teacher is teaching!

We are grateful for your support of Promise House, which gives Anna a home and supportive family.  Thank you for caring for her so faithfully!

Please consider sponsoring a child at Promise House, or making a sacrificial gift to Orphan Care HERE.  Thank you.

P.E.T. Cart Brings More Than Income

This is Mr. Canh.  He is 63 years old and has no family.  He is disabled and lives in Peace Village in Phú Ninh.  Though he is provided food and a place to live, he asked the village manager to allow him to work in surrounding areas selling tooth picks, chop sticks, cotton, etc.  The Peace Village said “yes” and asked Orphan Voice for a Personal Energy Transportation Cart to make it happen.

His legs are very weak.  His hands are weak too.  So Mr. Canh practices riding the cart around the village before he can go out selling things.  This helps him gain strength, and occupies his time with purpose.  With the cart, he is making more money, has work to do, and feels good about himself.  Work, purpose, income.  These things make a man proud.

Your support of Orphan Voice Special Needs HERE gives those willing to work a leg up.  Thank you!

A Job Well Done

For the Children

We did it!  Watch this brief recap of the Enduring Voices 2016 ultra-marathon to stop trafficking.

Orphan Voice begins this week to help a young girl who was raped multiple times.  She and her mom are being resettled to safety and a new start.

Enduring Voices 2016 brought concerned men and women from Vietnam, England, South Africa, Australia and America together to stop this evil.

We are short of our financial goal.  You can still support this effort through the end of October.  Help us reach our goal to raise $50,000 for Trafficking Rescue and Prevention.  Your gift truly changes their future.

Joy!  Enduring Voices 2016 was a team effort!

Quotable Quotes

“It was both incredibly brutal and incredibly rewarding.  Sign me up for next year.” – Bill Chapman, Australia

 “We suffer now so that the children will not suffer later.” – Gerald High, South Africa
“The rescued run so that children will be rescued.” – Craig Reed, America
(A standing joke among us) – “It’s only 2 kilometers more.” – Bui Van Duc, Vietnam
Katu minority school girls sent us off and running with flowers and cheers.  We ran to protect them!
Craig Reed and Gerald High kept the course all three days.  A short rest on Day 2 for these tired, sore and brave men.
Tony met a new friend along the way!
Breath-taking scenery all around.

Job Well Done

Craig and the team gave their all.  Help them know it was worth it.  Please support Trafficking Rescue and Prevention HERE.  Or mail your gift to Orphan Voice, PO Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591 and mark it for “Enduring Voices.”

How Far Will You Go?

Treating Them Like Your Own Children

Promise House Students Get Much-Needed Vision Care

Thanks to the support of folks like you, this child now has greater vision…literally!  Orphan Voice strives to provide everything for the children in our full-time care that you would provide for your own children.  And because you care, we can!

Recently, we took the Promise House students to Danang Eye Hospital for examinations.  Seven of the 19 children needed glasses…and got them!  Three of them also needed medicine, which we gladly purchased.  We are school-ready on the sight side anyway!

Your support of Orphan Care helps us truly take care of these, our precious children.

Seven Beauties Sport New Glasses!

To sponsor a Promise House child or support Orphan Care, please Donate Here.  Or mail your gift to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

How Far Will You Go?

On the Heels of the Enduring Voices 100-Mile Run

It starts in a week!  October 4-6, brave men and women in Vietnam will set out to run the entire width of the country in just 3 days.  Craig Reed started the challenge last year, and this year he will be surrounded by relay teams and at-home supporters running along with him.  At least one other person is running the full 100-mile ultra-marathon.  The question is: How far will YOU go?

Don’t let them run in vain.  The lofty goal is to raise $50,000 to combat child trafficking in Vietnam.  It’s easy to give.  Simply go to this link and make a donation.

You can give to Enduring Voices in general, or type the name of a runner or simul-runner in the Search to support specific people. (Ex. Tony) And don’t forget to PRAY for them!  Read the Runners Brief BELOW, written by Craig, to see what they will encounter.  It won’t be easy.  But the cause has eternal significance.

From Tony: I’m hoping you’ll step in to support me in my run.  I’m a “gray hair,” but I’m doing my part!  Please consider giving a significant gift, if you are able. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Strongman Kenneth Etta Helps Orphan Voice Keep Children Safe

Kenneth Etta came to Vietnam to help us fight trafficking through education. In September, he took part in our More Precious Than Gold seminars, teaching over 4500 students how to protect themselves from traffickers.  The children were mesmerized by his feats of strength, and his strong message of truth. 

Click the picture below for a peek at what they experienced.  And please support Trafficking Rescue and Prevention.  It’s WORKING!

We Were Amazed

Friendship Team Testimony

In July, Jeff Tkach (on the right) brought his family to Danang on an Orphan Voice Friendship Team.  Here are a few excerpts from his testimony:

On Monday, we were introduced to the Orphan Voice Team and enjoyed a devotion time with them.  We spent the day preparing 500 pairs of shoes for delivery in rural areas.

On Tuesday, we got to experience Promise House…moving furniture and…crafts with the children.  We were touched by their immediate acceptance of us.

On Wednesday we traveled to the Phu Ninh Therapy Center and enjoyed playing games…and seeing the work that is being
done there… We were amazed at how much of an impact the Center has had on children and families, and wondered how much more could be done with improved equipment and additional training.  In the afternoon, we went to New Beginnings School for the Deaf and applied a fresh coat of paint to the front of the building.

On Thursday, we got to deliver the shoes.  This was the highlight of the trip, seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces as they received their shoes…  It was humbling to realize that what we take for granted (shoes) is truly a blessing to them.

Overall, we were amazed at the scope of the impact that Orphan Voice has, reaching children through orphan care, and helping those with special needs.  We were amazed at how Orphan Voice does not shy away when they see a need, but immediately go to work to meet it.  And we were also amazed at how easy it is to be a part of meeting that need, whether through providing funds or through our presence.  And how “being there” is invaluable…to experience the need first hand and show them our love.  Giving from afar is one thing, and important.  But being there puts it all in perspective.

To visit Orphan Voice on a Friendship Team, email

Very Exciting!

Students Meet Successful Deaf Adults

Thai is 10 years old and has been deaf  and unable to speak since birth.  Because there were no schools to teach him, Thai’s development was grossly stunted.  He couldn’t understand what others said, and he didn’t know how to express his thoughts.  That is, until the New Beginnings School for the Deaf was opened.

As the name conveys, this school was Thai’s new beginning.  After one year of study in sign language, his world is completely different.  He can now communicate with others, both deaf and hearing, and he understands people, problems and relationships better.  He is also more confident and closer with others.

Thai is improving every day, studying math, language, science, nature and society.  He is learning that the most important thing is to become a person of good character.

Orphan Voice also provides out-of-school experiences for Thai and his friends to meet other deaf people and see how they are succeeding in life.  Over the Summer, they met several deaf adults and also went swimming and shopping.  “New Beginnings is very exciting!” says Thai.  His parents are so happy because they see the change in him every day.  “We hope the New Beginnings School will continue.”

To ensure New Beginnings School for the Deaf continues for Thai and others, please support Special Needs programs HERE.  Or mail your gift to Orphan Voice, PO Box 910410, Lexington, KY 40591.

Sponsor Needed

New Student at Promise House

It’s difficult to leave your home at age 10.  “Matthew” came to us in September, and recently celebrated his 11th birthday here.  He is grateful to be at Promise House, but sometimes it’s hard to understand.

Matthew has two younger sisters and one baby brother.  His mother, Trang is a street vendor who sells washing tools.  Her income is very low and unstable.  There is no support from the children’s father.  Matthew has never known him.

The family lives in a government apartment, but Trang has been unable to pay the rent for over a year.  A friend told her about Promise House.  Desperate, she came to us for help.  We welcomed Matthew with open arms.

Matthew is a cute and friendly boy.  He makes friends easily and enjoys living at Promise House with his new pals.  He likes football, basketball and badminton.

Would you like to sponsor “Matthew?”  Or another Promise House child?  With your commitment of $40 per month, you can learn Matthew’s real name, receive his full story, and send him letters of encouragement.  Our Child Sponsors mean SO MUCH to us.  If you are not sponsoring a child, please prayerfully consider the difference it makes.

To sponsor a child, or support Orphan Care in general, please donate HERE.

Volunteer Needed

We are looking for a nutritionist who will volunteer to look at the diet of the Promise House children and advise us on nutritional adequacy and caloric sufficiency.  Please contact Maria Lester at 866-377-4928 or  Thank you!

P.E.T. Carts Changing Lives

Personal Energy Transportation Carts make a world of difference to those who need them.

Meet Ca.  Ca is 12 years old. He lives in Peace Village. He cannot walk because his legs are weak. The PET Cart allows him to go to school on his own.  The school is a little less than 1 kilometer away from the village.  For Ca, P-E-T spells Education!

To help someone who needs it receive a PET Cart, donate to Special Needs HERE.

Enduring Voices 2016

We made it!

The Enduring Voices team is tired, sore, beat up and bruised, but unbroken and grateful.  We are grateful we had physical and emotional strength for the journey, for the beauty of “the least of these” who we met as we ran, for the mutual help given and friendships developed among team members (common suffering will do that!) and for creation’s natural beauty that welcomed us along the way.

In all, Enduring Voices 2016 was a 101 mile course starting out in the Highlands of Vietnam running toward the East Sea.  The team ran/walked for 22 hours over the three days and experienced over 20,000 feet of elevation change–up down a hill– again and again.

We finished–appropriately–at a school.  Several hundred greeted us.  Click here to see us with the children when we finished the  run.  Don’t miss their smiling faces!  That made it all worthwhile!

Quotable Quotes

“It was both incredibly brutal and incredibly rewarding.  Sign me up for next year.” – Bill Chapman, Australia

“We suffer now so that the children will not suffer later.” – Gerald High, South Africa
“The rescued run so that children will be rescued.” – Craig Reed, America
(A standing joke among us) – “It’s only 2 kilometers more.” – Bui Van Duc, Vietnam

Many of you have supported Enduring Voices already. Thank you!  You encouraged us and strengthened us.  If you have not yet sowed into the lives of “the least of these”  through Enduring Voices, would you help us reach our $50,000 fundraising goal?   To do that, Donate Here.  Or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

God bless you,

Tony and Cindy

Enduring Voices 100 Mile Run across Vietnam

Join us in our annual Enduring Voices run across Vietnam!

Enduring Voices 100 Mile Run – 2016 will be completed from October 4-6.  Our runners will start at Cinnamon Top, a remote mountain near the Laotian border in the central highlands of Vietnam.  We will finish near the China Sea, a distance of 100 miles across Quang Nam Province, the entire width of central Vietnam!  Along the way, we will pass through numerous villages, orphanages, and schools, visiting the children of Vietnam along the way.  We have room for individual runners and relay teams, but each must be able to run 33 miles per day for three consecutive days.

New this year is a Simul-Run!  Runners who wish to participate, but aren’t able to travel to Vietnam, can accumulate miles between September 30 and October 6.

We aim to raise $50,000 this year, and ask that individuals raise support through our fundraising page.  Whether you will be in Vietnam, or running at home, we appreciate your dedication and support!

In addition to the 100 mile run in Vietnam we are expanding Enduring Voices to include a Simul-Run for people who want to participate in the run but can’t travel to Vietnam.  So people can participate in the run in 3 ways:

Runners in Vietnam can participate as individuals (run the whole 100 miles over the three days) or participate as a relay, which will allow even the most modest of runners to join. If they can’t travel to Vietnam, they can participate in the Simul-Run! This run will allow them to participate wherever they are – for as many miles as they decide, from Oct 1-6.

Individuals or teams can register for the event, either in-person (Vietnam) or the Simul-Run at no cost, then set up their fundraising page.   They can then share their fundraising page on facebook, twitter, and by email.  Anyone can show their support by making a contribution on one of the runners pledge pages.

To register to participate:

To make a contribution to support:  They can select to support an individual runner or team or make a general contribution to Enduring Voices.

Enduring Voices Facebook Page:

For people wanting more information regarding the Simul Run they can contact Jeff at

We’re Running for These Children.  Will you?

Enduring Voices 100-Mile Run Across Vietnam

Why do we run?

9-year-old “Diep” is raped in the early morning hours.  Her mom can’t protect her because she isn’t home.  You see, Diep’s mom leaves home at 1:00 a.m. each day to meet the fishing boats as they return from night fishing in the East Sea.  She has to get to the pier early in order to select, buy, and prepare her purchased fish for resale, and be in the market by 5:00 a.m.  It is a hard life—but it allows her and her daughter to eat.

The Orphan Voice event, Enduring Voices, is for Diep.  She is why we run.  We sacrifice for her.

If you’re a runner, will you join us and run in the U.S. while we run in Vietnam?  Your friends can sponsor you just like our partners do us.  In that way, you can raise support for Diep and others like her.  If you’re not a runner, will you spread the word about Enduring Voices through your social media channels and to friends?  Will you personally give?  We need you to help Craig Reed, Tony Brewer and others reach their goal of raising $50,000.

Watch this video–it will motivate you!

Here’s how Enduring Voices works: Runners with a passion for “the least of these” will be SIMUL-RUNNERS for the 100-mile run.  If you can’t come to Vietnam, you can still register FREE to run in your home state at  Run as far as you can, or want, during the week of October 1-6, and ask your friends and family to support you!   Your friends can pledge their tax-deductible support for your run (after you register) at

If you need help to register or to support a specific runner, Jeff Tkach or Maria Lester will help you.  Email Jeff at or call him at 937.231.1666.  Reach Maria at or 859.317.2477.  If you and your friends want to run as a team, you can do that too! (Example: 10 of you run 10 miles each.)  ANY number of miles you run means that you are “with us” and that you are blessing “the least of these.”

We also need the sponsorship of non-runners who still yearn for girls like Diep.  To support Craig, Tony or other runners, visit  Type in the name of a specific runner (Ex. Tony), or donate directly to the event.

A final word to those of you over 50.  I, Tony, am running the 100 miles as part of a 7-man relay team.  That is, 7 of us will take turns running consecutive segments of the 100-mile run.  Thus, we will cover the 100 miles as a team.  Some of the younger ones will run more than me, but I will take my regular turn.  I’ve been preparing for over a year to be able to do it.  I need your encouragement!  It won’t be a picnic, but the cause is worthy.  If you are a fellow “gray-hair” like me, will you support me?  Please do so at  Help me raise my personal goal of $25,000 for Orphan Voice anti-trafficking efforts.

The Enduring Voices race is October 4-6.  Get involved today!  And remember to FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your running friends and to your friends with a heart for “the least of these”!

This event, and EVERY step you make to support Orphan Voice, truly changes lives!

To give your monthly and normal support to Orphan Voice, donate HERE.  Or mail to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

To give specifically to the Enduring Voices run, donate HERE.

Thank you!.


P.S. Don’t forget to PRAY for those of us running in Vietnam!  We need it!