Lives Protected, Lives Changed!

I needed a phone charger, so I rode my bike to a the electronics store to buy one. The sales girl greeted me with a dazzling smile. There was something about that smile….

Astonished, I remembered! I first met “Alice” when she was 12. She had come to my office with her heavily-indebted mother. When I saw her at the store, she must have been 16.

Alice’s story as a 12 year old was tragic. She understood her mom’s debt burden and wanted to help her badly. Indeed, her love for her mom caused her to fall prey to sexual abuse.

A so-called family friend said to Alice:

“I know how we can help your mom. I’ll take you to Hue where Vietnamese men who live in American come to tour the old Imperial City. They’re rich and they’re easy to get money from. Just do what they want.” She then took Alice to Hue and set up evening meetings with men.

As bad as it was, the abuse was only for a night and for that we are thankful. One business man cancelled because a meeting ran late. However, at least one man kept his appointment.

Alice’s mom quickly found out about the abuse and reported it. Social Services asked Orphan Voice to help just days afterwards. We did all we could. While we weren’t able to carry out our complete plan to help her, enough was implemented to see that she wasn’t trafficked or abused again. The abuse was a one time event.

That vaguely familiar smile triggered that flood of memories for me that day. Lots of emotion there.

Alice was gainfully employed and on her own. Her smile that day also told me that all was well.

Orphan Voice staff, through your generosity, is enabled to touch hundreds of children, youth, and government officials each month. We need your support, both in prayer and in finances, to reach out to other “Alices,” to provide for the orphan, and to touch with Everlasting love the lowly and hurting. Will you help us today? Click HERE to help!