Child Anti-Sexual Abuse School Seminars

At the 5-Star resorts which clutter Danang’s pristine beaches, flights from Moscow and Beijing bring men to gamble, drink and party. Others join them from Japan, South Korea, Australia, Europe and America. Danang is becoming an international tourist destination–for good in many cases, but also for evil.

Poverty stricken teenage boys and girls growing up in neighboring Quang Nam Province are at risk for child sexual abuse and trafficking. But in an important joint effort, Orphan Voice and the Government of Quang Nam Province, which borders prosperous Danang, are saying: “Not here, not now!”

On August 24th, Orphan Voice trained 27 school administrators, teachers, school social workers and police on the warning signs and dangers of child sexual abuse and trafficking. Upon completion of the training, each of the 27 adults became members of the Orphan Voice/Quang Nam Province Anti-Child Trafficking Network. Each leader’s awareness of the issue is higher now, each leader is equipped to replicate the same seminar in his/her classroom or other forum, and each leader knows who to contact in case of discovered abuse/trafficking. We believe that this will help stop child-traffickers and abusers in their tracks!

Later that same day, Orphan Voice staff travelled to a junior-high school and presented the information again–with plenty of visual aids, stories, and prizes. In all, 450 students learned about the pitfalls, tricks and dangers posed by child traffickers and abusers. The school conference theme was “More Precious Than Gold.” And several times, OV trainers led the students in shouting: “I am more precious than gold!” OV is giving each student a new pen with those words engraved on it.

They shouted this truth: “I am more precious than gold!”   They sure are!

If you would like to help us present more anti-trafficking seminars, you can do so here. Thanks!

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  1. Vickie Bennett
    Vickie Bennett says:

    Would you be willing to share this training with other organizations? We work in a southern provincial orphanage in China and we would be very interested in getting this training for our nannies and to share with our older boys and girls. Thank you!


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