Child Sponsorship

“The least of these” are characterized by innocence, and perhaps
bewilderment, if they are hungry, cold, wet, or without comforting
hands to hold them. If they suffer need, a subtle message works its
way into their hearts that they are not loved.  This subtle message
is, of course, untrue. Our task is to demonstrate to each child that
he or she is loved.

An Orphan Voice sponsor does more than provide a meal therefore.
He/she creates a channel whereby God’s love flows to an innocent
heart. How important is that? You judge.

Let Them Know Their Life Matters!

As a sponsor, you will provide for the basic needs of an orphan, a special needs child, a deaf child or a child at risk for sexual abuse. Such practical expenses are food, medical care, facility utilities and maintenance costs, caregiver salaries and more – depending on the program that “your” child is in.

But you will do much more than provide for these basic needs. You will also pray. Because you see their value, your prayerful gift will communicate that he/she is valuable and worthy. That’s life-transforming!

What to Expect

Let’s use Promise House Group Home as an example. We provide a Promise House group home picture. We also provide a picture and short biography of a highlighted child. Please pray for all the children, but especially for “your” highlighted chld.

You’ll receive periodic updates so that you can stay informed. They’re fun! Your investment supports the entire group of children, including “your” highlighted child. And, as you might imagine, more than one sponsor is needed for each child to cover all costs.

What We Expect

We ask you to join with us in believing that each child will experience God’s promise of having “the years restored that the locust has eaten.”

Thank you for your consideration of our children. A child at Promise House Group Home, Hope Therapy Center, Phu Ninh Therapy Center or New Beginnings School for the Deaf needs you!

To sponsor a child, fill out the form below. Then, email and she will send your referral!

$40 a Month Changes a Life!

Your gift of $40 a month provides:

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • School costs

  • Medical care

  • Recreation