Sponsor a Child

“The least of these” are innocent! If children are hungry, cold, or without comforting hands to hold them, they become emotionally stunted. A devilish message wends its way into their hearts saying “you aren’t loved.” That message is a lie.

Orphan Voice sponsors rebuke the lie. They demonstrate to children in  practical ways that they are loved. Yes, sponsors do more than provide a physical meal. Saturated with prayer, sponsors’ gifts create a channel of God’s love which flows into innocent hearts. That love not only meets their highlighted child’s physical needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs.

Love Provides…

Orphan Voice sponsors provide food, clothing, therapy, protection and education to an orphan, a cerebral palsy child, a deaf child or a child at risk for sexual abuse.

Sponsors pray for their highlighted child. Because sponsors know their highlighted child’s worth, their prayerful gift communicates to that child that he or she is loved. That’s life-transforming!

What to Expect?

Let’s use Promise House Group Home as an example. Your monthly gift supports all the Promise House children. However, when you begin sponsoring, we email you biographical information about a highlighted child. You can, therefore, not only pray for all 19 Promise House children but also pray for one special child!

As part of your sponsorship, you’ll receive periodic updates so that you know what’s happening at Promise House and with “your” highlighted child. They’re fun! The updates are either written or through video.

We ask that you refrain from sending gifts to your highlighted child at birthdays or holidays. That way, no child is ever left out. However, if you want to send a financial gift at Christmas, Tet (Vietnamese new year), or even during your highlighted child’s birth month, we’ll use that gift for birthday parties (one per month), clothes or shoes.

For policies regarding written communication with children, Orphan Voice’s Child Protection Policy, visiting Danang, the total cost of providing for Promise House children (more than one sponsor per child is needed), or specifics about sponsorship in Orphan Voice’s other programs, email Ginny at


What We Expect?

We ask that you pray. Join with us in trusting God to restore those things which have been stolen from the children’s lives – and that they experience love.

We ask that you be faithful in giving. You can set up automatic, monthly payments if you like, or even pay for one year.
We ask that you remain aware of other Orphan Voice children who need sponsors. Tell a friend!

Thank you! A child at Promise House, Hope Therapy Center, Phu Ninh Therapy Center, New Beginnings School for the Deaf or a child attending a More Precious Than Gold anti-trafficking seminar needs you!


Where Do I Start?

To sponsor, make your first online support payment below! If you want to create a monthly, automatic payment plan, you can do that. Then, email Ginny at, tell her what you’ve done, and she’ll email you about your highlighted child.

You can also email Ginny directly to get started!

If you prefer the postman, mail your sponsorship payment to our office. Clearly mark the check: New Child Sponsor. Ginny will email you quickly.

If you have more questions about Orphan Voice’s Child Sponsorship Program, email Ginny at

Thank you!

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