Child Sponsorship

“The least of these” are characterized by innocence, and perhaps bewilderment, if they are hungry, cold, wet, or without comforting hands to hold them. If they suffer need, a subtle message works its way into their hearts that they are not loved.  This subtle message is, of course, untrue. We must stop falsehood in its tracks.

An Orphan Voice sponsor does more than provide a meal. He/she creates a channel whereby Love flows to an innocent, helpless child. How important is that? You judge.

Let Them Know Their Life Matters!

You will provide for the basic needs of an orphan, a child at risk for sexual abuse, or a special-needs child, but you will do much more. Because you see the value of your sponsored child, your gift will communicate that he/she is valuable and worthy. That’s life-transforming!

What to Expect

When you sponsor a child through Orphan Voice, we provide you with a picture of the group of children that you are sponsoring, along with at least one child’s profile. While you can focus your prayer on a particular child, you will know that you are helping all the children.

What We Expect

We ask you to join with us in believing that they will experience having “the years restored that the locust has eaten.”

A child at Promise House Group Home needs you. A special needs child at Phu Ninh Therapy Center likewise awaits. Finally, if your heart is tender towards a child who is at risk for trafficking or sexual abuse, or one who has actually been trafficked or abused, Victory House and Hope House sponsorships are also needed.

Thank you!

$40 a Month Changes a Life!

Your gift of $40 a month provides:

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • School costs

  • Medical care

  • Recreation