Deaf Students Demonstrate the Joy of Giving

     Students at New Beginnings School for the Deaf followed your lead this holiday season, giving sacrificially to help others. Several weeks before Christmas, teachers gave each student a red or green piggy bank. The assignment was to save money throughout December that would be used to buy food and other gifts for some local families in need. And save they did! Students embraced the challenge and found delight in pooling their savings just before Christmas to purchase rice, noodles, cooking oil, milk, and some small toys for impoverished families. Students did the gift selections, shopping, wrapping, and shared in the deliveries.

     These students know the sorrow of isolation. Because of you, they also know the thankfulness of receiving compassionate help. A few weeks ago, they experienced a surprising truth--the joy of looking beyond their own hardships to help someone else. What a powerful reality they experienced...

It is more blessed to give than receive!

Pictured: Some students open their piggy banks to determine their budget for shopping.

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