Hanh’s Brother – Saved From Drowning

Hanh* says: “When I was six years old, my mom changed. My life changed too.

Before then I was happy.  My mom laughed lot. We played and I laughed too. Her smile was pretty. She held me close when we slept together. She cooked good food too!

My mom had a sister. She was fun and we both loved her.  But she died in a motorcycle accident when my mom was pregnant with my baby brother. That’s when my mom changed.

After that, my mom didn’t wash our clothes or sweep the house. My brother was born and she nursed him, but she didn’t cook for me and my dad.

Because I had to take care of my mom, Dad and baby brother, I didn’t go to school much. I washed my mom each day as she lay in bed, cleaned the house, washed clothes and cooked.  I didn’t have friends.

I had two dreams. I wanted to go to school and I wanted my mom to be better.”

“One day, I saw my mom take my baby brother to the well, put him in the bucket and lower him down. But I ran to the well before he reached the water and pulled him up. That scared me.

One time, we didn’t have food for three days and I was very hungry.

My life changed again this year but it is much better now. I came to live at Promise House. It’s so different! I have good food – even meat and fish! I have new clothes, school supplies, tutors, and the housemothers take good care of me. I have friends too! I go to school every day!

Also my brother is here, so I don’t worry about him anymore. I know that he is safe.”

Thi – Saved From Sexual Abuse

“I was born in the countryside* and have seven brothers and sisters. Our lives were hard growing up.

My father drank rice wine – lots of it. It made him mean and he beat my mom.  At night, my mom took us to the woods to sleep so he couldn’t find us.”

“We were often hungry. My mom worked hard, but my dad didn’t help her.

When I was 11 years old, my mom took me to another family. I worked in their roadside store and they gave me food and a place to sleep. But I wasn’t able to go to school.”

“One night, the man I was staying with got drunk and attacked me. I didn’t know what to do, but his wife cut him with a knife. I had to leave.

I wanted to go home, but my mom told me to go to Danang. I was only 12 and I was afraid. But my mom gave me 20,000 dong for the ferry to cross the river and then buy the bus ticket to Danang. She told me to go to the city market and ask for work when I got there.

I got to the Danang market as my mom said, but no one hired me.”

“Just before dark, a nice lady took me to a Western restaurant and asked the owner to help me. The owner called Orphan Voice and Duc came to get me.

Looking back, I know that I misbehaved in those first days. Marissa and Enoch, Orphan Voice staff, gave me a home, but I didn’t want to come inside at night. I didn’t trust them. Later I did trust them.

Meeting the Orphan Voice staff was the best thing that ever happened to me! Soon I was able to go to Promise House. Wow! What a change! I went to school. I met Dung and Y and they became my best friends. I had plenty to eat. The caregivers and the Orphan Voice staff loved me.”

“Today, my life is a miracle. I’ve graduated from high school. I’m in college! I want to manage a hotel!”

Create A Different Destiny For Children at Year’s End

Consider what Hanh and Thi’s lives (above) would have been like without your intervention. Thi would have been sexually abused again – and again. She would have had a poor education with little prospects of getting a good job.

Hanh would have been covered with worries as she, a child, carried adult responsibilities for years. No school for her! No good job for her!

But those things didn’t happen to Thi and Hanh. You stopped it! Now they have a future and a hope.

Countless Vietnamese children and families wait to experience the Everlasting Love. We want to to bring them hope, love, and compassion and in 2018.

We need your generous support as this year ends to do that. Help us as we look to our 2018 responsibilities. Make Orphan Voice your year-end giving focus to insure that our life-changing work continues. You can sow your year-end gift HERE or mail your support to P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591. God bless you!