Good As New

When Khao’s grandmother first saw her newborn grandson’s cleft lip, she scolded Thu, her daughter-in-law, harshly. In her mind, Thu must have done something wrong for fate to have created Khoa this way. Thu cried a lot.

When Thu took Khoa to her village’s clinic, she ran into an Orphan Voice worker from the Phu NInh Therapy Center.  Hearing of, and seeing, Thu’s distress, she told Thu about Orphan Voice’s cleft lip program.

Hope was born in Thu’s heart that day!  Maybe things could be better.  Preparations were made.

The big day came!  Khoa and Thu boarded Orphan Voice’s van for the 2 1/2 hours drive to the hospital.  After necessary tests and screenings, the doctors approved Khoa for surgery!  Later that week, his lip was repaired.

Now Khoa sleeps better and eats more (his palate will be closed soon).  His parents are joyful.  Thu says: ”We are so happy and grateful for Orphan Voice’s help.  My son is so handsome and I’m so proud of him. My mother-in-law is also happier.  We wish that good things happen to Orphan Voice.”

She continues, “I hope that many people will get help from Orphan Voice like us.”

Did you hear what she said?  “I hope that many people will get help from Orphan Voice like us!”

Only with your help will Thu’s wish come true!  Only because of you “will many other people also get help from Orphan Voice like us.”  You’re that special and you’re that important!  Please change a life today through your generous gift?  Click here to DONATE today.

A Wounded Warrior
“My Wife Will Love Me Now!”

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Note from Tony: My Pepsi Challenge to you: If you watch Huong’s 15 second video and don’t like it, I’ll buy you a Pepsi (or Coke) the next time we’re together!)

Huong fought in the army and was injured in battle years ago.  That injury left him unable to walk unassisted.  He walks today only with the help of his devoted, 70 year old wife, Dung.

During their lives, Huong worried about the burden that his disability caused Dung. He says: “I always wanted to release the burden off her.”

Huong never owned a wheelchair or walking aid – only Dung’s helping hand.

Hope came to Huong and Dung’s hearts when Orphan Voice delivered a shipment of PET (personal energy transportation) carts to his village.  We quickly qualified Huong to receive a PET cart. It was an exciting day!  After training, Huong was “off to the races.”

The results?   See for yourself by clicking here.  Wow!  When you watch, you’ll see one happy guy!  (Remember Tony’s Pepsi Challenge!)

Huong has gained control over his life and feels more independent.  Before receiving his PET cart, he was largely immobile;  now, he rides daily to neighbors’ houses to visit.  He will even use his newfound mobility to make some extra money!

Dung says: “Thank you, Orphan Voice, for giving my husband the cart.  Without your help, he would never have had this precious gift!”

Huong simply says: “I will remember Orphan Voice’s help forever.

Orphan Voice is heavily invested in caring for the needs of those with special needs: at the Phu NInh Therapy Center; at New Beginnings School for the Deaf; with PET cart distributions; and by cleft lip and palate corrective surgeries.  With your help, we will reach even more.  Want to be a part?

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It Was Me

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Recently Orphan Voice partnered with Danang International Fellowship to visit patients at a local cancer hospital.  Medical care being less developed in Vietnam than in the United States, many of these patients have little hope.  Take a moment to see how reaching out to others brings hope and powerfully affects lives – even with a language barrier!  (Click below)

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