We made it!

The Enduring Voices team is tired, sore, beat up and bruised, but unbroken and grateful.  We are grateful we had physical and emotional strength for the journey, for the beauty of “the least of these” who we met as we ran, for the mutual help given and friendships developed among team members (common suffering will do that!) and for creation’s natural beauty that welcomed us along the way.

In all, Enduring Voices 2016 was a 101 mile course starting out in the Highlands of Vietnam running toward the East Sea.  The team ran/walked for 22 hours over the three days and experienced over 20,000 feet of elevation change–up down a hill– again and again.

We finished–appropriately–at a school.  Several hundred greeted us.  Click here to see us with the children when we finished the  run.  Don’t miss their smiling faces!  That made it all worthwhile!


Quotable Quotes

“It was both incredibly brutal and incredibly rewarding.  Sign me up for next year.” – Bill Chapman, Australia

“We suffer now so that the children will not suffer later.” – Gerald High, South Africa
“The rescued run so that children will be rescued.” – Craig Reed, America
(A standing joke among us) – “It’s only 2 kilometers more.” – Bui Van Duc, Vietnam

Many of you have supported Enduring Voices already. Thank you!  You encouraged us and strengthened us.  If you have not yet sowed into the lives of “the least of these”  through Enduring Voices, would you help us reach our $50,000 fundraising goal?   To do that, Donate Here.  Or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

God bless you,

Tony and Cindy