Enduring Voices 2019-mission accomplished!

Enduring Voices 2019 is history! Here are some highlights:

Over 300 Vietnamese youth began the Run.

6 Vietnamese youth rode bicycles to guide and protect the runners.

Craig covered the entire 100 miles. Others covered from 20 to 40 miles.

It was hot!

It was a long way!

It was worth it!

300 Vietnamese youth volunteered online for Enduring Voices 2019. We’ve never seen such interest before! In previous years, Enduring Voices has been blessed to have 20 volunteers!

Over 200 runners started the race! What’s happening? Vietnamese youth is being mobilized to protect children – and to stand up to the evil of sexual abuse and trafficking. These young people are saying: “We’ll do it. We’ll protect our children!”

Enduring Voices 2017-mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished! 103 miles completed. Craig ran 92 of those miles and would have run them all except for severe calf strains incurred from Day 2’s running up and down steep mountain slopes. Colin, Gerald and Ryan teamed up to run the distance in relay fashion. It was Vietnam hot and 103 miles is a long way!

A box truck followed the runners. On top was a speaker looping a recorded anti-trafficking message: “I’m more precious than gold!” – “My body belongs to me.” The 8×15 feet anti-trafficking signs on both sides of the truck read: “For the children’s safety, call (hotline number)” and “Safety is their right.”

The novelty of seeing Westerners running on a hot day coupled with the messages emanating from the loudspeaker and the signs served to raise awareness about the trafficking problem. The Enduring Voices runners successfully challenged the attitude that “it doesn’t happen here.”

While Craig and the team were running for three days, Daisy taught “More Precious Than Gold” anti-trafficking seminars to 4,000 school children! 4,000 in three days! Students, teachers and administrators were informed, challenged, warned and equipped to protect themselves and those under their care. Praise God.

Craig and the team not only raised awareness about human trafficking but they also raised funds for Orphan Voice’s three anti-trafficking programs – nearly $14,000 of it! Many of you gave to encourage the runners and further Orphan Voice’s anti-trafficking work. Thank you!

If you missed your chance to support Craig and the team and would like to invest to protect the innocent, donate HERE.

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