It’s time for Orphan Voice’s Enduring Voices 100 mile run 2019!

Enduring Voices 100 Mile Run 2019 will be completed from October 1-3.

Why do we run? Hear a true story where the name and identifying details of the innocent have been changed. 9-year-old “Chau” is raped in the early morning hours. Her mom, who loves her dearly, can’t protect her because she isn’t home. Chau’s mom leaves home at 1:00 a.m. each day to meet the boats as they return from ocean fishing. She has to get to the pier early in order to select, buy, and prepare her purchased fish for resale, and be in the market by 5:00 a.m. It is a hard life—but she’ll do anything to provide for her daughter.

Enduring Voices 2019’s purpose is to protect “Chau” and other young girls in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Nepal. She, and they, are why we run.

If you are an ultra-marathoner, you’re ready made and set for Enduring Voices 2019 in Danang! Get your ticket! We’ll help you with lodging on this side of the Pacific! And even if you’re not an ultra runner, there’s a place for you to join a 3-4 person team to collectively run the 100 mile event together.

Either way, we invite you to come to Vietnam to join us. And, while you’re here, after the run is over, we’ll arrange for you to visit perhaps the world’s most beautiful cave system in Quang Binh, the old DMZ, My Son Sanctuary, Ba Na Hills and see the ancient cities of Hue and Hoi An. Most importantly, you’ll visit first-hand the Orphan Voice outreaches you support with your participation in Enduring Voices 2019.

Enduring Voices will provide support for the run, including water, salt pills, snacks during the day (salty and sweet), towels, and other items. That support will be provided from vans that follow the runners. Additionally, motorcycles will stay near the runners to provide guidance and any emergency help needed. We are talking to a Vietnamese doctor about traveling with us. Runners are responsible for their food, hotel and travel costs. The hotel that we normally use is nice and costs about $30 per night. Breakfast is included with that price.

If you’re a runner who wants to participate but can’t come to Vietnam, will you join us and run in the U.S. while we run in Vietnam? Your friends can sponsor you just like our partners do us. In that way, you can raise support for “Chau” and others like her. If you’re not a runner, will you spread the word about Enduring Voices through your social media channels and to friends? Will you personally give? We need you to help Craig Reed, Tony Brewer and others reach their goal of raising $65,000.

Here’s how Enduring Voices works: Runners with a passion for “the least of these” will be SIMUL-RUNNERS for the 100-mile run. If you can’t come to Vietnam, you can still register FREE to run in your home state at https://www.runreg.com/ev2019 . Run as far as you can, or want, during the week of October 1-6, and ask your friends and family to support you! Your friends can pledge their tax-deductible support for your run (after you register) at https://www.pledgereg.com/ev2019 .

If you need help to register or to support a specific runner, I will help you. If you need help, do not hesitate to email us at victor.bondarenko@orphanvoice.org . If you and your friends want to run as a team, you can do that too! (Example: 10 of you run 10 miles each.) ANY number of miles you run means that you are “with us” and that you are blessing “the least of these.”

We also need the sponsorship of non-runners who want to protect girls like “Chau.” To support Craig, Tony or other runners, visit https://www.pledgereg.com/ev2019 . Type in the name of a specific runner (Ex. Tony), or donate directly to the event.

A final word to those of you over 50. Tony is running the 100 miles as part of a 7-man relay team. That is, 7 runners will take turns running consecutive segments of the 100-mile run. Thus, they will cover the 100 miles as a team. It won’t be a picnic, but the cause is worthy. If you are a fellow “gray-hair” like Tony, will you support him Please do so at https://www.pledgereg.com/ev2019 . Help Tony raise his personal goal of $10,000 for Orphan Voice anti-trafficking efforts.

Get involved today! And remember to FORWARD THIS INFO to your running friends and to your friends with a heart for “the least of these”!

This event, and EVERY step you make to support Orphan Voice, truly changes lives!

Enduring Voices 2017-mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished! 103 miles completed. Craig ran 92 of those miles and would have run them all except for severe calf strains incurred from Day 2’s running up and down steep mountain slopes. Colin, Gerald and Ryan teamed up to run the distance in relay fashion. It was Vietnam hot and 103 miles is a long way!

A box truck followed the runners. On top was a speaker looping a recorded anti-trafficking message: “I’m more precious than gold!” – “My body belongs to me.” The 8×15 feet anti-trafficking signs on both sides of the truck read: “For the children’s safety, call (hotline number)” and “Safety is their right.”

The novelty of seeing Westerners running on a hot day coupled with the messages emanating from the loud speaker and the signs served to raise awareness about the trafficking problem. The Enduring Voices runners successfully challenged the attitude that “it doesnt happen here.”

While Craig and the team were running for three days, Daisy taught “More Precious Than Gold” anti-trafficking seminars to 4,000 school children! 4,000 in three days! Students, teachers and administrators were informed, challenged, warned and equipped to protect themselves and those under their care. Praise God.

Craig and the team not only raised awareness about human trafficking but they also raised funds for Orphan Voice’s three anti-trafficking programs – nearly $14,000 of it! Many of you gave to encourage the runners and further Orphan Voice’s anti-trafficking work. Thank you!

If you missed your chance to support Craig and the team and would like invest to protect the innocent, donate HERE.

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