From Criticized To Confident

Phu and his mother play a card game that builds his memory skills. Because of  you, they share more smiles these days!


How You Made The Difference


     Phu was diagnosed with attention deficit and developmental delay. At 8 years old, his speech was limited to 3-word sentences and he was unable to form simple questions. At home, he could not dress himself or use the bathroom without help. Although he attended school, he fell further and further behind, cruelly taunted by classmates and constantly reprimanded by teachers. Your love welcomed Phu to Hope Therapy Center about 4 months ago.

     In those first days, Phu arrived with a long, serious face—worn down by years of criticism, and failure to meet expectations. Today Phu’s mother is bursting with newfound joy to report his progress: “My son never stops talking to me! Every day he has so much to say and ask! I cannot believe the difference!” Phu is now using the bathroom by himself and is learning to organize and change his own clothes. Slowly, this young boy is starting to believe that he CAN SUCCEED. You made the way for Phu’s transformation. THANK YOU!


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