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Dr. Caleb Ho led a team of enthusiastic medical students to Danang to minister to the poor and to “the least of these.” Dr. Ho’s team personified “giving.”

First, they gave their time. The team worked long, hard hours–seeing 455 patients! They gave their money–buying all needed medicine. And they gave their talents–teaching good hygiene practices through creative skits and song to 1200 junior high students. One would hardly believe it possible to accomplish all they accomplished during the week. But I saw it. They are givers!

And other Singaporeans in Danang “caught” their same giving spirit! At lunch one day, Dr. Ho met Mr. James Wong of the Oriental Shipping and Logistics Company. Oriental Shipping and Logistics works worldwide and has offices in Singapore, China and Vietnam. When Mr. Wong learned of Dr. Ho’s mission, he immediately arranged for a company donation to orphans and to the poor.

Orphan Voice’s office was soon flooded with rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, eggs, pork, fish, and other food–worth about $1,000.00!

Thanks Singapore!

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