God Works Miracles for Teenage Girls at Christmas

A young girl… just a teenager. Anxious. Alone. Judged. In the first Christmas we celebrate the miracle of God through the life of one so tender. This Christmas, allow us to introduce you to Ni. Pregnant at 14. Her innocence was shattered by trust betrayed. Her hope was snuffed out by overwhelming darkness. But God…through you.

God still works miracles for teenage mothers. Please read Ni’s story with Christmas eyes.


Baby Thu on her rice-husk mattress and bamboo bed


A Mom at Fifteen

How God's Love Expressed Through You Rescued Ni


Rough Beginnings

After Ni's birth in 2004, her biological dad abandoned his family. The stress that Ni's mom felt as a result of his leaving filtered down into Ni's young heart.

As Ni grew, learning was hard. School became a daily struggle. Her mom's financial difficulties diverted her attention from her child, so Ni's school attendance was sporadic. She did poorly in her classes.

To make ends meet, Ni's mom left the house long before Ni woke up and returned late at night. She wasn't able to nurture her daughter.

With the financial pressures, and since Ni was such a poor student anyway, her mom decided that Ni should drop out of school at the age of eleven.

Craving Love

After Ni dropped out of school, she helped her mom at her roadside food stand on some days. But not all days. Sometimes she stayed at home to do household chores. She was fourteen and home alone when a nineteen-year-old boy gave her the attention she craved.

Ni became pregnant.


Afraid and Ashamed

Ni tried to hide her pregnancy with loose-fitting clothes, but her mom discovered the truth. Out of shame, neither mother nor daughter wanted their neighbors to know.

Ni withdrew from others. She became depressed as her pregnancy progressed. In September of 2020 now 15-year-old Ni gave birth three weeks prematurely to a baby girl. She named her daughter, Thu.


Ni couldn't cope with the stress of pregnancy

After Thu's birth, Ni was depressed and unable to parent

A Neighbor Asks Orphan Voice for Help

From the baby's cries, a kind neighbor knew that Ni was struggling. She knew about Orphan Voice and thought we would help. She called our office.

When Thoa, Orphan Voice's Victory House manager, received the neighbor's, she visited Ni and Thu at their home. There, Thoa found a depressed, emotionally detached, teenage mom who seemed clueless about how to care for her infant daughter. Thoa and other Orphan Voice (OV) staff quickly "come alongside" Ni to love, accept, and encourage her.


Orphan Voice partners bought rice, diapers, vegetables, eggs, and formula for Ni and Baby Thu. Ni's worries were lifted!

Orphan Voice staff pray for Ni and Baby Thu

Ni's Inner Life Transformed 

Thoa and other OV staff spent hundreds of hours with Ni over the next year. Thoa encouraged Ni, prayed for her, discipled her, accepted her, and most of all - loved her. 

At Orphan Voice's daily prayer and worship time, Thoa and OV staff claimed God's promise for Ni found in Jeremiah 29:11: 

"For I know the plans that I have for you" - declares the Lord - "plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

Praise God! Over the past year, the love, practical help and daily intercessory prayer of Thoa, OV staff, and OV partners has borne fruit. Ni experienced an inner transformation!


Ni learns how to feed Baby Thu with a bottle

Thoa, Victory House manager, brings baby formula to Ni

Ni's Outer Life Transformed

As Ni grew stronger spiritually and emotionally, Thoa taught Ni practical skills in caring for her daughter. Carefully she showed Ni how to give Baby Thu a bath. Before Thao's involvement, Ni sometimes wiped Thu with a handkerchief, but usually did not bathe her in water.

Thoa bought diapers and taught Ni how to use them. A chronic skin rash on the baby's bottom healed from proper cleaning. 

Thoa bought and taught Ni how to mix baby formula. Prior to her coming, Ni sometimes fed Thu Red Bull Energy Drink mixed with milk, which caused diarrhea. Little Thu began to thrive from regular, nutritious feeding.  

Praise God! Before long Ni began to exhibit maternal love toward her baby. When Thu was sick, Ni immediately noticed. She wanted to take Thu to the doctor. No more emotional detachment! 
Ni's Testimony 

Today, Ni is still a single mom with a one-year-old daughter to raise. That's a lot of responsibility for a 16-year-old teenager. But God has a gentle heart for teenage mothers--and their children. 

Because of His Love expressed through the Body of Christ, Ni is meeting her responsibilities; she's not overcome by them. She loves her daughter - and expresses it. 

Hear Ni's testimony this Christmas:
 "I have peace of mind and I have hope."

Orphan Voice partners - the Holy Spirit used you to pour hope into this teenager's life. Her life is transformed because of you!

Thanks to encouragement from Orphan Voice partners, Ni can express love for Thu.

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