The big day finally arrived when Trinh’s mom gave birth to the twins she had carried for so long.  Two beautiful girls said “hello” to the world.

But in time, it was obvious that something was wrong.  Doctors eventually diagnosed cerebral palsy for both girls.  Trinh suffered the severest case.

Before coming to Orphan Voice’s Therapy Centre in 2010, Trinh couldn’t lift her head, much less care for herself or walk.  Her jaw and throat muscles were weak, making it difficult even to feed her.  Trinh spent her days laying on a bed, positioned so she could see out the window.

But, there was a better plan for Trinh’s life! Since she arrived at Phu Ninh Therapy Centre, therapists have worked hard.  Trinh has worked hard.  Trinh’s mom has also worked hard with home-based therapy.

Take a look and see why Trinh’s mom is happy! (Click here or on the picture below to see 1 minute video of a changed life!)

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