Have You Ever Been Hungry?

A minister asked us recently how he might help his children understand what it’s like to not have enough food. “What can we do to help them understand?” he said. Our response was to share a Promise House story and challenge those children, and all of us, to put ourselves in their shoes, even just for a day.

Nghia, his sister and his older brother had precious little to eat when an Orphan Voice team visited.  For three people, there were two small fish and an amount of rice! Yes, this small amount of food was shared between them; and it was all they had for the entire day. They were always hungry.

So here is our challenge to you. Put yourself in their place. Attempt to eat only this much for one day. Even if you don’t use fish and rice, consider the amount of food they had (about 550 grams) and divide it among three people (about 6 ounces each). Could you live on this for a day? Well, probably once. But could you live on this amount per day every day?

Show the picture to your children. Better yet, cook the food and place it before them. Ask them to consider “What if this was all we had?”

Orphan Voice cares for children like Nghia every day, but only with your help.  Would you like to sponsor a child like Nghia?  To do so, click here!


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