Helping Vy – Your Gift Saves a Life

At only three months old, little Vy was struggling.  She was born with a serious heart condition: a ventricular septal defect–with the complication of severe pulmonary hypertension.  She was getting weaker and weaker and, we were told, would not live without successful surgery.

Some time ago, Vy’s dad left his rural (jobless) home and family to work at a garment factory in Saigon. He sent 1/3 of his $150 per month salary back to his wife in Quang Nam Province, so that she can feed Vy and her sister.  Fifty dollars per month is not enough–certainly not enough to allow the family to save money for Vy’s life-saving surgery.

Orphan Voice was able to help this family by providing funds to obtain the needed surgery. Vy is alive thanks to our partners!

Would you like to help us “be here” for others like Vy.  If so, click here to donate now!

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