How Do You Measure Inner Healing?


An orphanage is not plan A for children ~ parents are.  But in some cases when a child has no parents, an orphanage is the best option to provide for that child’s safety and care.  Promise House Group Home is such a place of safety for children like Dung.

Dung’s father abandoned his family when she was eight years old.  His leaving, and the loss of his salary, brought biting poverty to Dung, her mom and a younger sister.  At times, the three were forced to beg for food.  And it got worse.  Men forced themselves upon her mother, and at times, attempted to force themselves upon young, pretty Dung.  At night, Dung’s mom slept near her daughters with a knife under her pillow.  More than once men tried to break into the house.  Thankfully for Dung, no man abused her.

In 2010, Dung’s mom situation became so difficult that she petitioned the government to place Dung in an orphanage.

And that’s how Dung came to Promise House Group Home.  It was more than she could have imagined or hoped for.  Suddenly, she had plenty of food, nice clothes, a good bed, and friends.  She could go to school.  Her outward needs were met.

But what of her inner needs – the “difficult-to-get-at ones?”  To buy food is easy.  To deal with inner hurts is another matter.  What about her feeling of not being loved? What of those lingering fears because of the nights men tried to break into her house?  What of the insecurity in her life because of her need to beg for food in those early years?

There is good news! Love restores!

How does one measure whether restoration is happening? We think one way is school performance.  Remember, children who have suffered like these children normally do poorly in school.  They probably missed many school days before coming to Promise House.  Even if they attended school regularly, they would have been plagued by fears, undernourishment and insecurity.

We are happy to report that in a  recent grading period, many Promise House children raised their grade point average by a full grade!  C’s became B’s. B’s became A’s.  (A few D’s became C’s!)  Why the improvement?  We think that a major reason is that they feel more secure.  They feel safe.  Accordingly, they are free to prosper!

Promise House Group Home is not fully sponsored.  We need child sponsors or others who want to designate significant gifts to provide for these children.  Please help us by donating  here, or send your gift to our mailing address below.

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