Illness stole Chan's strength; you helped him get it back


     Because of you, Chan has regained strength and mobility. It's a big change. A healthy, active boy who dreamed of fame on the soccer field, Chan contracted chicken pox that resulted in a blood infection when he was 8. Within weeks he lost the ability to walk or even lift his arms. Seizures gripped his body. Doctors were baffled. Despair took hold.

"... my heart was broken. You gave my son a second chance to live a meaningful life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Chan's Mother-

     Because you provide a therapy center in Chan's rural area, he has regained health over the last 10 years. Now Chan says--

"The sun is still rising--and I am still rising!"

Pictured: A therapist adjusts equipment as Chan works to improve muscle tone.



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