Laying Up Grass

Nuong, from a poverty-stricken mountain family, was born deaf; her life has been hard. Her mom, fearing that men would molest her, kept the 23 year old close by her side from her childhood days. Before this year, Nuong had only spent one night away from home.

As a result, Nuong has spent most of her life looking after the family’s two cows and doing other household chores. On a normal day, she walked the cows to pasture – making sure that they didn’t get into anyone’s crops – and cut grass for them to eat when pasture was not available. In a sense, the family cows became her best friends.

Check out this short video to see how life has changed for Nuong. The story of her “new beginning” will bless you.

Click to view the video of Nuong’s success story

Orphan Voice partners provide the ministry of New Beginnings School for the Deaf.  You employ two love-filled Christian teachers to minister to Luong and the other students five day each week.  God is reaching them through you and I expect to see them in heaven.

New Beginnings School for the Deaf is our most expensive program, per child.  For two students, we need to supplement their lunch and transportation. Nuong is one of those two students.

Can you sow generously into the lives of these 10 students?  Please do. The “trajectory change” for these children is astronomical because of New Beginnings.

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