Keeping Children Safe from Traffickers

Ta Rung children pour over the Orphan Voice comic book "More Precious Than Gold".


On a sunny March day, you sent an Orphan Voice team to children in remote Ta Rung in the highlands of Vietnam. The minority people here are among the poorest of the nation. Arranged marriages for 10 and 11-year-old girls are not uncommon. Because of you, these children heard a message of their worth — many for the first time. This is how Thien, Orphan Voice staff member, described the day.

“Ta Rung Church is placed on a hill that is far from the city. There is nothing but hovel houses. The people here plant vegetables, breed chickens and goats for food. They wear simple clothes (mostly used). Some children had hardly any clothes at all. As we drove to the church for the seminar, the kids were so curious about our van. They said it looked like a "big box". These children are so innocent. They have no idea about trafficking, pedophiles, or their right to be protected and safe from sexual abuse. Over and over they read the “More Precious Than Gold” comic books that we gave them. They begged us to return.”

Friend, because of you, the love of Jesus affirmed the value of these children. Thank you!

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