Nuong And Her Friend

Laying Up Grass

Nuong, from a poverty-stricken mountain family, was born deaf; her life has been hard. Her mom, fearing that men would molest her, kept the 23 year old close by her side from her childhood days. Before this year, Nuong had only spent one night away from home.

Nuong’s mentally ill dad, for different reasons, also forbade his daughter from leaving the house. The “stay at home” rule was iron-clad.

As a result, Nuong has spent most of her life looking after the family’s two cows and doing other household chores. On a normal day, she walked the cows to pasture – making sure that they didn’t get into anyone’s crops – and cut grass for them to eat when pasture was not available. In a sense, the family cows became her best friends.

A few weeks ago, Nuong’s mom travelled to a Phu Ninh village bank to borrow money. While there, she met an Orphan Voice staff person and told her about Nuong. The staff person referred the family to New Beginnings School for the Deaf.

When Nuong learned about the school, her heart leapt. She sensed that this was her path to happiness. Thinking ahead and to remove reasons for her dad to say “no” to New Beginnings, she cut six large bags of grass to “do the cows” for a few days (the bags are about 3 ft. tall and 1.5 feet in diameter). She didn’t want anything to stand in her way!

Today Nuong is in school! Because her village home is over an hour away by motorbike, she lives with an Orphan Voice worker during the week. The Orphan Voice worker takes Nuong to New Beginnings each day.

If ever a child gained a “new beginning,” Nuong has!

You can be sure that your gift to Orphan Voice is changing lives. Every gift matters, and it matters eternally. Bless “the least of these” today! To do so, donate HERE.

Nuong at New Beginnings School for the Deaf, With Her Teacher, Hanh.

You can be sure that your gift to Orphan Voice is changing lives. Every gift matters, and it matters eternally. Bless “the least of these” today! To do so, donate HERE.

Thanks to James and Betty Robison and Life Outreach International for this van! It will transport special needs children to Hope Therapy Center. Without it, most of them wouldn’t receive therapy because they live too far away.

Promise House Group Home children love it too – as you can see!

Full Circle: From An Orphanage To An Orphanage

When our family moved to Vietnam ten years ago, this thought came to me (Tony): “Later some of the girls will come on a Friendship Team (the A Helping Hand girls).”

When I told Cindy about it, we knew that part of our job was to make preparations for the “A Helping Hand girls.”

All Hands On Deck! If you’re an A Helping Hand family looking for a family ministry experience in 2019, you’ve found it! Or if you’re one of those beautiful girls who we knew when you were young, now is your time. Let’s make it full circle. From an orphanage to an orphanage! Come, bless “the least of these,” and experience great things in your God.

We’ve made preparations.

We’re planning for June 2019. Activities include: 1) painting murals; 2) conducting a sports camp; 3) painting classrooms; 4) games and crafts with Promise House children; and 5) possibly medical and dental outreaches. For a 12-14 day ministry experience (including travel days), one person’s cost for food and hotel will be roughly $500 (plus the air ticket). We’ll make all the arrangements and have plenty of translators. With a year’s notice, the money can be raised!

Contact to let us know that you’re interested.