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I was blessed yesterday to spend the day with 45 poor Vietnamese families, all of whom struggle to care for their severe special needs children with no government assistance.  Upon arriving at home and checking AOL news, I learned that an American professional athlete feels that he works in a slave labor system.  The athlete will be paid  $1.36 for every breath that he takes in 2011; most of these Vietnamese families will make only $1.36 per day in 2011, yet I heard no complaining.  Our perspective is warped.  What do you think?  Please comment below or on Orphan Voice’s Facebook page.

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  1. Art Bocek
    Art Bocek says:

    You are so correct. Our perspective is warp from our sports to our churches. How long has orphan voice been serving in Vietnam

    • tony.brewer
      tony.brewer says:

      Thanks for the comment, Art. My wife, family (5 girls from 8-12) and I have lived here nearly three years now. Before we moved to Danang, we operated an office with local staff only for an additional 3 or so years. We love it!


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