March Featured Orphan & Project Needs

Trinh (Phu Ninh)
Trinh is a 12 year old twin who suffers from severe cerebral palsy.  For most of her childhood, Trinh has been unable to walk independently.  However, Orphan Voice was able to get Trinh a custom made walker that enables her to independently walk around her house.  Her family is very poor and is part of Orphan Voice’s monthly food delivery program.  If you would like to sponsor Trinh, or another like her, please contact our sponsorship coordinator at

My Hanh (Promise House)
My Hanh is 8 years old and has been living in an orphanage for about one-year now.  She is a very animated young girl whose eyes are always full of life and excitement.  Like most of the children, she comes from a difficult and broken family background.  She is good friends with the other girls at the orphanage and is quite happy there.  If you would like to sponsor My Hanh, or another like her, please contact our sponsorship coordinator at


Hanh (Victory House)
Hanh is 17 years old and lives at Victory House, a special transitional home for young girls aging out of orphanages.  She is currently going to vocational school to learn how to sew, make clothes and other handicrafts.  It is a dream come true for her to be able to go to school and have the opportunities she has through Victory House.  If you would like to sponsor Hanh, or another like her, please contact our sponsorship coordinator at

Computer for Victory House  (Project)

In our modern world today, very few of us can imagine day-to-day life without a computer.  As the girls living at Victory House go through their university studies, they increasingly need access to a computer for research, writing papers, etc.  Most of the girls at Victory House have grown up in orphanages so they are used to having very little – a computer would be an enormous blessing for them.  For $850 dollars, you can provide a computer for Victory House that each of the girls can use.  If you would like to make a donation toward their computer, please follow the link below.

Thanks you for your support!

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