Mexican Child Traffickers Stopped

Innocent Mexican infants, their mothers, and childless Irish couples are safer today, due to the diligence of Mexican authorities.  Would-be child traffickers have been stopped.

It started with Irish couples going through all necessary steps to adopt internationally–all their paperwork properly completed.  Before departing for Mexico to begin the adoption process, each couple received approval from the Irish Adoption Central Authority.

Concurrently with their work in Ireland and unknown to them, would-be traffickers were approaching unsuspecting and poor Mexican mothers with this proposition.  “In exchange for a few hundred U.S. dollars, would the mother allow her child to be taken from her for a couple of weeks so that the children could be portrayed in anti-abortion advertisements?”  During that two weeks, the children were taken away from their mothers and were a “placed’ with the visiting Irish couples (staying in Mexico) as part of the “getting acquainted segment” of the adoption process.  After the “getting acquainted time,” the couples returned to Ireland and babies were returned to the mothers.  

Before the fraud could be completed and the children taken from their homes permanently, authorities stepped in to stop the charade.  Thankfully–these children are safe.  
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