Micro-Enterprise: Pig Farm

As a way to keep children out of orphanages, Orphan Voice works with selected families to help them make more money. Since the typical family that we work with makes less than 50 USD per month, making more money is a pressing need. It also reduces their dependency on others for a handout and gives them more self-respect. But the rural poor lack education and skills.  Nevertheless, with extra help, some families are successful. As one of our partners said about our micro-enterprise efforts: “Orphan Voice is teaching the poor to fish rather than just giving them a fish.”

True. But in the picture, below, we actually are helping the poor “raise a pig” rather than catch a fish! Several months ago, Orphan Voice purchased a pregnant sow for a poor, rural family. Here was our deal with them: “We will give you the sow and help you with feed for your first litter of pigs. In return, when you have a litter of pigs, find a non-relative, poor neighbor and give them a pig–to bless them.”

And that has happened! Below, the first beneficiary feeds gives a pig to a poor neighbor.  She is “paying it forward.” They love being able to help one anther.

If you would like to help those who are willing to work and only need a left, donate here.

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