You Can Protect a Child This September

Have you seen The Sound of Freedom? It's powerful and prophetic. It shows God working to protect children from sexual abuse. It’s what we've worked for in Vietnam and Southeast Asia for years.

We're sure that you'll be angry when you hear Chau's story. As a 12-year-old, fatherless child, Chau was courted by an older boy who visited her village many times - with presents. But he also gave her what she had always wanted - attention. He said he loved her.

When not with her, he groomed her through the internet. Having set the trap, he sprang it by saying: “Come with me to the city. We’ll see many beautiful things together.” But, as you can foresee, “beautiful things,” Chau did not see.

Your September gift will ensure that another innocent girl escapes what Chau experienced.

Your gift will safeguard an innocent girl by showing her that men are sometimes evil. It will teach her about the tactics of molesters and how traffickers trick their victims into slavery. Finally, your gift will teach her who to talk to when she feels threatened.

It’s important that your gift arrives in September. That’s when our More Precious Than Gold anti-trafficking and Good Touch - Bad Touch seminars begin in public schools. Fifty thousand students await us.

Wanna help? You can protect an innocent girl!

Thank you. Your gift sets you in the place of the Patriarch Job, who “broke the jaws of the wicked and plucked the spoil from their teeth” (Job 29:12, 17).

Tony and Cindy Brewer
Yes, I Want to Protect a Child!
Orphan Voice
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