“We were made to work as slaves.”

There are gold mines in the mountains, not far from where we are delivering shoes to orphans.  Recently, two girls escaped from the mines who had been forced to work there.  They fled on foot and made it to Nam Giang District, a place where we have helped in the schools.

“We were made to work as slaves,” the girls testified.  “We got away, but other children are still there.”
Together, we are saying, “No more!”  Our anti-trafficking seminars enable children to avoid this evil.  Please continue to pray for and support Trafficking Rescue and Prevention.
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Photo: Intent Faces Learning They Are More Precious Than Gold

Special Request

This precious baby “Linh” needs surgery.  For her preparation, we provided a special bottle which helped her get enough milk to gain sufficient weight.  We transported Linh to the hospital on May 10th, but there are other problems.  She remains in the hospital for treatment in hopes of corrective surgery by June 10th.  Please pray for her.

Your gifts are already helping this family.  The mother expressed deep gratitude for the specially-designed bottle.  “My baby can suck milk much easier!  Thank you for your love and care.”   Please remember this little one, and others like her, in your prayers.  On average, it costs $600 per cleft operation, and we hope to complete 24 during the remainder of the year, provided sufficient funding. Can you help us by donating HERE?

Left Alone

Orphan Voice recently delivered 350 pair of shoes to a remote mountain school.  The children were excited and so grateful.  One child’s story was particularly compelling.

Khanh is a 7th grader.  When he missed school for a week, his teacher went to his home to see why.  She learned that Khanh’s mom had died and that his father had left him there to care for his younger brother and sister.  All the children were hungry, and there was no food in the house.

We don’t know if the father abandoned the children or simply left them to search for work.   Whatever the case, they each got new shoes, and all will have sufficient food.

Your gifts make this help possible.  Remember the “Khanhs” among us and sow your gift here.

A Joyful Song

When Truc first came to the Phu Ninh Therapy Center, she couldn’t walk, weighing less than 10 pounds at age 3.  But in her time here, this tiny tot has experienced big changes, in both body and spirit.

Last Friday, Truc came to the Center early.  When she walked in the room, she said “Hello” to her therapist, Mrs. Ly, in an unusually respectful way.  Then she put her little hands in front of her stomach and bowed her head slowly to greet her.  Her sparkling eyes and bright smile made Mrs. Ly’s heart melt.

After that, she walked around the practice room, clapping her hands and singing a made up song, “My Dad loves me because I look like Mom.  My Mom loves me because I look like Dad.”

Other families were astonished watching her.  Then she found a chair and pushed it around while she sang, showing her strength and joy.

Mrs. Ly proclaimed, “Truc’s improvement makes the staff so happy that we forget the summer heat!”

Bring hope to others like Truc.  To further our therapy work, designate your gift to Special Needs HERE.

A Whole New Meaning to “New Math”

Vi was born deaf and mute.  He is 15 years old.  When he came to New Beginnings School for the Deaf, he didn’t know any numbers or words.  Can you imagine at age 15 not knowing numbers?  Not knowing words?  Vi was also a “shouter,” being easily upset.

But what a change in just one year!  Now, Vi not only knows his numbers, but he can add and subtract figures with up to four numerals  (example 8798 + 9867).  He thought the hardest part was learning what to do with remainders over 9, but he learned!  He is now studying multiplication and division.  For Vi, it’s ALL new math!

He’s also learned to write.  He now writes his full name, his parents’ and friends’ names, his address, and his age.  And he’s learning to communicate in sign language, which helps him “talk” to more people.  His family and friends are also learning sign language, which brings them closer.

Character development lessons have helped change his personality, which will shape his future.  He shouts much less.  And he knows how to express love to his friends and family members.

Everyone sees a big change in Vi!  Thank you, Orphan Voice supporters, for giving him a new beginning

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Keeping Families Together

An Uncomfortable Situation 

Hau lost his father in a motorcycle accident when his mother was pregnant with him.  She raised him alone, giving all she had to keep him safe and in a home of love.  But she developed a heart condition and died when Hau was 9 years old.  His world came falling down around him.

Hau, now an orphan, was taken in by his single aunt, Dien, who loves him as her own.  Dien cares for Hau and his grandmother.  He lives happily with the two of them in the Vietnamese countryside.  But…

An Orphan Voice team went to visit recently and found that Miss Dien was unlearned about dealing with an adolescent boy.  Orphan Voice’s, Hạnh and Chau,  gave her advice on the emotional and psychological needs of a young teen.

While talking to the family, Chau and Hanh discovered that the three of them shared one small bed, which is common in the Vietnamese countryside.  But, a teenage boy sleeping with two female adults?  Awkward, at best.  And potentially “too close.”  The team spoke to young Hau to find out how he felt about the arrangement.  “I want to have a private room, but I do not know how to tell my aunt,” he said.

After talking with a reluctant Miss Dien, she agreed to empty the storage room for Hau.  Our team immediately helped get the room ready for him.  We also spoke to Hau about keeping his new room tidy.

Hau, who has experienced so much loss and sadness, now has a sense of optimism and hope.  “I’ve always wanted a room for myself!   I am so excited to have my own room!”

Keeping Families Together and healthy is always a win for us at Orphan Voice.  Help us keep more families together.  Your gift to KFT will do just that!  Thank you!

Year-End Celebration

New Beginnings School for the Deaf recently celebrated the end of its first, full academic year!  The children worked hard during the year, and on their celebration day, they played hard at a local arcade, then attended an awards ceremony topped off with lunch.  And, boy, did they eat!  Vy (left) ate a record-breaking 9 pieces of pizza!  Their teacher, Mai (pink dress), did a wonderful job for the children.  Cindy Brewer handed out awards and encouraged the students.  They are growing in every way.