No Help in the Entire World

Above, left to right: Toan threw away his leg braces. Now he enjoys time with his family, including a new sister! Going to school is his latest adventure--and achievement!


Bad News    

      “No doctor in the world can help your baby. He will die before he's 5. Go home and do "good works" by taking care of him. Maybe you'll have another child.”  Baby Toan’s parents were devastated by the doctor's words. 

God's Grace Flowing Through You: How “Noodle” Amazed Everyone

 At 5 years old, Toan was alive, but his body grew weaker. He couldn’t sit up or roll over without help. His parents kept him comfortable, awaiting his death.

     Then his foot bent at an odd angle. That caused Toan's parents to seek help at the Phu Ninh Therapy Center for his foot. They thought he might be in pain.  When Phu Ninh therapists first saw Toan, he was so limp that they called him “Noodle." 

     Because you sent them, the therapists put Toan through simple exercises. They encouraged the parents to bring him back, and they did.

     Only the presence of God can explain what happened next. Nine months later, Toan sat on his own. A large tricycle delivered to his home allowed him to exercise his legs. Toan learned to walk! Then, he began to speak! He wanted to learn!

     For the next four years, Toan passed one milestone after another. A few months ago, he left the Phu Ninh Therapy Center at the age of 9--to enroll in the local school. God has done a miracle through your prayers and your giving.


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