Orphan Care

Orphan Voice operates Promise House Group Home, a facility that cares for 19 children who came from destitution, abandonment, or abuse. Care covers housing, food, medical care, education, tutoring assistance, recreation. The Father promises to “restore the years that the locust has eaten” in lives who have been ravaged by the enemy. Christ is faithful to restore His goodness in the lives of these children.

The caregiver to child ratio at Promise House is 1 to 4. In addition to three caregivers who live with the children, two Orphan Voice staff devote their time (100% and 80%) to meeting the emotional and other needs of the children. Further, additional tutors and volunteers minister to the children each week. Besides school, Promise House children participate in group and individual tutor sessions, small group, and individual mentoring and discipleship sessions, organized sports, Promise House Has Talent competitions, cooking competitions, and more.

Government institutions, whether they are boarding schools or orphanages, also need help. Because of this need, Orphan Voice has periodic input each year into the lives of a few hundred other children. Such children usually live in the Highlands, are minority people, and are often very poor. Orphan Voice teams may deliver food, mosquito nets, shoes, blankets, to these needy ones, or repair beds, renovate rooms, dig wells and even install electricity. Orphan Voice friendship teams are often involved with this work.

Orphan Voice
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