Orphan Voice Partners Transform Ho’s Life Through Cleft Lip Surgery

Being single with a child on the way is hard. It’s harder when you’re a single mom and you have no job. All this describes Hieu’s life as her son, Ho, entered the world.

Praise God, Ho was born generally healthy, and, as a 1 year old, is active, friendly and loves to “talk.” That “talk,” however, has always been garbled because of his cleft lip and cleft palate.

Soon after Ho’s birth, Hieu was able to get a waitress job at a roadside noodle shop, which eased the financial pressure she felt. Her 3,000,000 VND ($130 USD) monthly salary was enough to feed her son and mother, but just. It certainly wasn’t enough to get the corrective surgery that Ho needed. Travel expenses, food, and medical costs would eat up 6-7 month’s salary, and Hieu just couldn’t do it. Tears of helplessness flowed.

That’s when Orphan Voice partners stepped up. On January 2, Hieu and Ho traveled in an Orphan Voice van to Hue General Hospital for the coveted surgery. After a week in the hospital taking antibiotics to clear an infection, Ho’s lip was repaired. He’s still in the healing process, but see the difference for yourself!

That’s what Orphan Voice partners do! They bless, they encourage, they lift the lowly, they fix things!

How Special Needs Ministry Has Eternal Results

When An was born and grew, Tuyet marveled. She yearned to know her beautiful granddaughter – to understand her personality, what foods she liked, what she liked to do. She was full of dreams for that baby girl.

But a severe and prolonged fever when An was 6 months old changed those dreams. The fever brought with it epilepsy, cerebral palsy and mental and physical disabilities. Today, An can’t hold up her head without help.

Since An’s parents both work, daily care for An, and her little sister, Nhi, falls to elderly Tuyet. Her love is great for her granddaughters, but the burden, and her advancing years, are also great.

Today, thanks to Orphan Voice partners and Hope Therapy Center staff, Tuyet is blessed with 5-6 hours of weekly respite care. Therapists provide life-changing therapy which is improving the quality of An’s life. Additionally, Hope Therapy Center provides home equipment to make An and Tuyet’s lives more manageable and comfortable. Australian therapists just fitted An with her own wheelchair!

There are many more children who need our help. Social workers tell us that 600 special needs children live in one district alone! Currently, Orphan Voice is serving 54 of these children. So we need your help to reach the rest.

Overcoming Deafness in Rural Vietnam

New Beginnings School for the Deaf Opens Doors For The Future

In rural Quang Nam Province, deaf children don’t go to school because public schools don’t provide signing teachers. And because of poverty, parents of the deaf cannot send their children to larger cities where deaf services are available. Therefore, deaf children grow up without learning to sign, are unable to communicate with others, and are without math and other academic skills. They are often abused, even sexually abused.

When Orphan Voice partners opened New Beginning Scool for the Deaf, deaf students clamored to come.

One student, when teased by his father that he wouldn’t take him to school the next day, left his home on foot at 4:00 the next morning to be sure that he didn’t miss school. Another student, when unsure that her father would allow her to attend, cut enough grass for the family cow to last several days, so that he wouldn’t have a reason to keep her at home. Indeed, one need only walk into the New Beginning’s classroom to see the students’ joy and eagerness.

And they’re fun to watch.  Click HERE to see these students and their teacher in action!

A World Class Athlete Comes To New Beginnings 

A Paraplegic Climber of Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro Conducts Special Olympics

Darol Kubacz is a decorated Army veteran who suffered a spinal cord injury while serving his country.  Although a paraplegic as a result, he is active in ministry and a world-class athlete- one who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Darol and his wife, Cheryl, love the deaf children at New Beginnings School for the Deaf.

A few months ago, Darol led a team comprised of men and women from several States to Phu Ninh. The team held a special olympics for the children of Phu Ninh Therapy Center, Hope Therapy Center and New Beginnings School for the Deaf. The children loved it!

Click HERE  to hear Darol and Cheryl’s message for you!