Orphan Voice Partners Transform an Abandoned Girl's Life

Linh Catches Up In School and Learns a Trade

When Linh (fictitious name) arrived at Promise House Group Home, she was far behind her peers in school. You can easily understand that when you learn that she had been abandoned by her parents. By her father, before she reached the age of 10; by her mother when she was 13.

Government officials have often asked Orphan Voice to accept more children at Promise House. We've always explained that we keep the number low so that we can give additional attention to each child. That additional attention not only comes from caregivers, but also Orphan Voice Central Office staff who work full time at Promise House, and many tutors. The children are individually mentored and discipled. We want the children to "catch up" academically and emotionally.

In Linh's case, the extra attention worked! Although she failed a grade early on, she improved her grades over time, passed her high school test, and as an 11th grader, is one of the best students in her school. The mentoring and tutoring have paid off!

In her free time, Linh is learning to sew. She not only wants that high school diploma but also a trade to earn money. Because of God's love poured into her life through Orphan Voice partners, she'll make it!

Please continue to pray for Linh. Some Promise House girls have recently come to Christ. We want her to join their number.

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