Tony and Cindy Brewer

The Brewers' decision to help "the least of these" began with a visit to a Chinese orphanage in the early 1990s. The orphanage didn't have funds to care for the children under its care adequately, and many were malnourished. Remembering Jesus' words that true religion is "to care for widows and orphans in their distress," the Brewers and other friends founded Orphan Voice to help vulnerable children in Southeast Asia.

In 2008, Tony, Cindy, Jillian, Anna Mei, Elizabeth, Faith, and Joy moved to Vietnam and fell in love with its people and culture. Since then, Orphan Voice has worked with many Vietnamese government partners to help orphans, the deaf, children with special needs, the poor, and children at risk for abuse in Central Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, South Africa, and Myanmar.

Tony and Cindy Brewer

Orphan Voice's founding originated with, and has been nourished and propelled by, the Father's burning passion for the poor, the weak, the mistreated, the orphan and the special needs child. The revelation of that passion began for Tony in 1977, when he tearfully surrendered to Christ at the altar of a country church in Kentucky. As he repented and prayed, he "saw" multitudes of Asian people. Tony understood that experience as God's call to Asia for his life.

That vision was nourished when Tony and Cindy met at Asbury College. There, their call to serve God together, was confirmed. 

There was an interval of several years before the Brewers left the United States, however. During much of that time, they worked to facilitate the adoption of over 1,000 Asian orphans by Christian parents in the United States. 

Final confirmation of God's plan for Orphan Voice came just before the Brewers departed for Vietnam in 2008. At a celebration of adoptive families, God gave them the words to Orphan Voice's purpose statement: We Will Care.
'We will care for the orphan,
Wherever she may be found.
If he is thirsty, we will give him drink;
If she is hungry, we will give her bread;
If he is naked, we will clothe him;
If she is homeless, we will shelter her;
If he is without comfort we will hold him,
Until he knows the love of his Heavenly Father.'
Orphan Voice
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