Helping To Make Things Better

Orphan Voice loves to send work teams to rural orphanages whose administrators are working hard to make their facilities better. Sometimes, they just need a little help!

Recently a 19 member Orphan Voice work team departed from Danang in two vans and a truck loaded with supplies. The supplies included nails, tin to repair the roof, gallons of paint and paint supplies, wood to repair bunk beds and ladders. The team included willing and hard working young people who wanted to make a difference.

And make a difference they did! 43 beds were repaired. 64 gallons of paint were applied. Holes in walls were filled in. The ceilings in 4 rooms were made secure from wind and rain.

Most importantly, the Orphan Voice work team and local workers created rooms that will say to children: “You are cared for and you are loved!”

That is a message that is worth repeating.

If you would like to speak that message to children through Orphan Voice, donate here.


building orphanages in Vietnam


building orphanages in Vietnam


building orphanages in Vietnam


building orphanages in Vietnam


Gaining Strength

The perfect has not yet come.  As we know too well, we live in a broken world.

serving special needs children in Vietnam

Luan Anh and Luan Em, twins, are true orphans. Few of us understand the insecurity, fear, and abandonment that these two precious boys have known.

Orphan Voice was sent to such as these.

While not the perfect solution, these boys now live in a rural orphanage supported by Orphan Voice partners. They have good food, a safe place to live, clothes, medical care and loving caregivers. And we are working to get the twins placed with a foster family. Until the better comes, this is quite an improvement!  Come and join us in helping such as these.

You Make The Difference!

Children carrying blanket that you help to donate!

caring for special needs children in Vietnam

Orphan Voice currently helps over 5,000 children who live in public orphanages and boarding schools. We help them one child at a time. Each child’s life is of inestimable value.

Our outreaches touch children and youth who live in 12 boarding schools. The schools are located in the poorest regions and the students come from the poorest families. When the need arises, we buy shoes and coats for kids in the cold winters.  We buy and deliver rice and noodles during those times when the school is a bit short of food.   Where needed, we install water purification systems so that the children can drink pure water,  electricity so that their buildings have lights and mosquito nets to protect children from disease bearing mosquitos. Beds are painted, fixtures installed, bathrooms repaired. Medical and dental teams come to bless children and families who never dreamed of having high quality medical care without going to a larger Vietnamese city.

We work to bless “the least of these” by meeting whatever need presents itself.  Come a be a part!

“What warm and beautiful coats! Thank you for your heart to care for these children. We are so blessed to receive them.”

-Caregivers at a Rural Boarding School

children living in public boarding schools

Because That’s Where They Are!

Children and their new shoes.

serving orphans children in Vietnam

Ha Giang Province,  the northernmost part of Vietnam, is a place where tigers live. It’s also a place where very poor people live, many being from minority tribes. These tribes live largely in the forests where they trap, hunt and plant where they can.

After completing elementary school, minority students go to boarding schools in larger towns to attend junior high.  The boarding schools are functional orphanages with the children returning home only a few times each year to see their parents.

An Orphan Voice Relief Team went to boarding schools where 731 of these precious children live.  That initial visit, in the dead of winter, led to the delivery of 731 pairs of new, warm and badly needed shoes!  Come and join us as we go!

Clean water now flows! In addition to the water, this school’s 354 children also received new winter coats and shoes. We pass their teacher’s words of gratitude on to you:

“Many thanks for what you have done for my students. All of them are from very poor families. Many had no coat to wear to school. With your care, everyone can be warm and happy!”

“Am, Am, Am!” (warm, warm, warm) is what these children said again and again as they put their new coats on. The coats relieved the children of constant runny noses and colds.  There are more isolated children waiting for help.  Contact us if you would like to bless children such as these.


Orphan Voice partners help and bless over 5,000 children living in public orphanages and boarding schools each year. There are lots of medical needs with many children. Here, we deliver needed medicine to a Medical Clinic that serves the children in 5 orphanages.

Providing Medicine to Orphanage Children

serving special needs children in Vietnam

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