“Joshua” (fictitious name) is a young boy who can’t walk. Before Hope Therapy Center opened, he didn’t receive therapy. Why? Because there was no government or private therapy center within a drivable distance from his house. And his parents couldn’t afford to send him to a large city where more help is available.

As a result, before Hope Therapy Center, Joshua’s day looked like this. Each morning, his parents put him in a crib on the concrete porch along one side of their house. He stayed in the crib alone all morning until his grandfather arrived at noon to give him some porridge. In the afternoon, “Joshua” was again alone until his parents returned from work around 5:00.

The concrete floor and a water hose made for easy cleanup where “Joshua” used the bathroom during the day.

But “Joshua’s life has changed because of Orphan Voice partners. He now has a place to receive therapy. A love-filled therapist works to alleviate the problem in his leg that keeps him from walking. It’s life-changing for him.

Hope Therapy Center is Orphan Voice’s second outreach to help special needs children in rural Quang Nam Province. Common issues with these children are cerebral palsy and other developmental delays.

To head Hope Therapy Center, Caroline Mrowiec, a licensed occupational therapist from the United States, has moved to Vietnam. She is on the ground and excited about helping children and families.

Hope Therapy Center operates ONLY because of you. Can you help us by sowing as generously as you can into this important outreach?