Responding to Tropical Storm Nari

Being “nimble” is one of Orphan Voice’s strengths.  It allows us to respond quickly to unexpected, and un-budgeted for, natural disasters.  Such a disaster just struck to the north of us.

Ten people are dead and five others are missing from Tropical Storm Nari.  550 houses have been washed away and another 12,500 severely damaged. 8,580 people have been evacuated.  20 schools have been badly damaged.

Last week, Orphan Voice contacted Provincial disaster relief officials to offer our help and love.  Jesus goes to people in their need and we wanted to do that also.  In helping their people, we asked the officials to meet two criteria.  First, we would go to the worst-hit areas, and second, we would go where no one else was going.  They were glad to identify 350 such families.

On Tuesday night (United States time) – the day this newsletter is emailed – Orphan Voice staff and volunteers will be in Tuyen Hoa District of Quang Binh Province giving 4 tons of much-needed rice to 350 hungry, needy families.  We are doing that in your name and stead.  Thank you for making it possible.

In the next newsletter, we will give a follow-up report with pictures.

Half of the funds for this food were donated from friends in Danang and Saigon.  We took on the remaining obligation by faith, knowing that we could not turn the needy away in their time of need.  If you would like to help pay for the rice, DONATE HERE to Disaster Relief.  Or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

A Life Transformed

Doctors sent this child home to die three times.  See how Truc’s life has been transformed through therapy, hard work, and deep, caring love.  Click to watch a short video of her transformation! 

THIS JUST IN!  The ladies of Phu Ninh Therapy Center called this very morning so excited!  Truc walked 5 meters by herself!  That’s over 15 feet!

Your Gifts Protect “The Least of These”

Anti-Trafficking Seminars Reach Danang

Mrs. Tam (below) leads the Danang Charity Association – the most important charity in Danang.  She is a woman of deep compassion.  When she learns of young girls being sexually abused in Danang, her heart burns.

A few months ago, Mrs. Tam heard of Orphan Voice’s More Precious Than Gold anti-trafficking seminars.  When she heard, a spark went off in her heart.  Perhaps this was the answer she was looking for!

One of Mrs. Tam’s deepest burdens is for girls who are sexually abused and trafficked in Danang (one recent case that motivates her was the raping of a 10 year old).  So much has changed in Danang over the years.  From a sleepy, poor town with little tourist contact, Danang is now a major destination for international tourists.

But international tourism, for all its positive benefits also has a seedy side.  For example, a casino has been built along one of Danang’s beaches.  Men come from all over Asia to gamble and “party.”  Young girls are sometimes abused.

It was this problem – how to protect ‘the least of these” – that caused Mrs. Tam to seek a meeting with Orphan Voice.  And that meeting led to positive results!

We have long been reaching outlying village children.  Doors have been opened for Orphan Voice to regularly conduct More Precious Than Gold seminars in Danang!  Additionally, plans are underway to reach out to the police about enforcement of existing laws, strengthening of those laws, and prosecution of abusers pursuant to those laws. We are making progress.

We are making progress because of you!  Thank you.  We covet your prayers.  Our protective seminars convey to children that they are loved.  Pray with us that the message goes deep.

Will you sow into the lives of these children today?  To do so, invest your gift of protection HERE, designated to Trafficking Rescue and Prevention.

Enduring Voices Success

Thanks from Craig Reed

When I first got the idea to run across Vietnam to raise awareness and funds for Orphan Voice, I thought it a bit crazy.  Now we have done it twice!

I want to say how grateful I am for your support in our efforts to expand Enduring Voices this year. Last year, we raised $23,000, and this year we had a 50% increase to more than $34,000! We could not have accomplished this without the support of friends and family, the physical sacrifice of nearly a dozen runners, and the time commitment of the Orphan Voice team.

So, as we bring Enduring Voices 2016 to a close, I offer a final word of thanks. The love that these children feel pouring through us is real. I have seen their gratitude first hand. I have heard their stories. I have held their hands. The love is real, and it comes from you. I thought about each of you with every step I took. In three days, we covered 162km (101 miles), 6,576m (21,575’) of elevation change, and 22 hours of running. That’s about 200,000 steps in three days, each one thanking you for your support, and hearing the Enduring Voices of the children along the way.

Learning From Others

Promise House Child Update

“Anna” is happy and healthy.  She enjoys school.  Her best subject is Art.  She also likes Math, Biology, and English.  Anna is
grateful for the house father who reminds her to study, and for the mothers who cook good food and help her daily.  She also knows her older “sisters” love her very much.

When asked to share a proud accomplishment, Anna says she has been going to market with Mrs. Lan and helping the caregivers with cooking!  She hopes to become a good cook.

Anna looks up to her two best friends who make her more friendly and kind. “They have a good influence on me.”  After visiting children in other orphanages who have similar backgrounds, Anna says she is learning to be happier and not have self-pity.  “They overcome their difficulties and study well.  I should learn from them.”

In her free time, Anna likes to sing, draw, and eat dessert food.  If she could go on vacation anywhere in the world, she would go “to Korea to see famous singers, and enjoy the beauty there.”  If she could change one bad habit, it would be not getting sleepy while the teacher is teaching!

We are grateful for your support of Promise House, which gives Anna a home and supportive family.  Thank you for caring for her so faithfully!

Please consider sponsoring a child at Promise House, or making a sacrificial gift to Orphan Care HERE.  Thank you.

P.E.T. Cart Brings More Than Income

This is Mr. Canh.  He is 63 years old and has no family.  He is disabled and lives in Peace Village in Phú Ninh.  Though he is provided food and a place to live, he asked the village manager to allow him to work in surrounding areas selling tooth picks, chop sticks, cotton, etc.  The Peace Village said “yes” and asked Orphan Voice for a Personal Energy Transportation Cart to make it happen.

His legs are very weak.  His hands are weak too.  So Mr. Canh practices riding the cart around the village before he can go out selling things.  This helps him gain strength, and occupies his time with purpose.  With the cart, he is making more money, has work to do, and feels good about himself.  Work, purpose, income.  These things make a man proud.

Your support of Orphan Voice Special Needs HERE gives those willing to work a leg up.  Thank you!