We Will Care

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One Divine Moment

As you bless, protect, feed and clothe “the least of these” in Vietnam, you’re fulfilling a Divine Directive.  Let me, Tony, tell you the story.  It happened in One Divine Moment in 2006.

Cindy and I, and 1700 other adoptive parents, children and friends, celebrated the miracle of adoption that day at Lexmark Park in Lexington.  It was a time of great joy.  And, in many ways, it was the high point of our many years of adoption work.  Some of you were there.
Near the end of the festivities, as I stood alone watching Steven Curtis Chapman and listening to him sing, I heard in my heart the words that we now entitle We Will Care.  

Watch again.  Be blessed in knowing that you are participating in a plan that has existed since the foundation of the world.

With awe, Tony

Oh, I See!

We recently had a day of training on eye sight at Promise House.  Children learned the various causes of eye problems and ways to have healthy eyes. 

They were taught the importance of proper nutrition and rest, protecting their eyes from the sun, reading with sufficient light, limiting time at the computer, and other healthy habits.

They practiced exercises for the eyes, and also took eye exams.  Many of the children need corrective eye wear.  Your support of Orphan Care provides for their needs.

It was a fun and informative day!

Orphan Voice is shutting the door on human slavery by educating community leaders, warning and teaching children, rescuing victims, and providing a place of safety where victims can rebuild their lives.
Click above to watch (98 seconds).

Protecting the Innocent

Schools in Quang Nam Province closed in June for summer break.  But even with limited class time last quarter, Orphan Voice was able to conduct training seminars for students and teachers that resulted in 10,383 students hearing our “More Precious Than Gold” anti-trafficking message.

As a result, the work of traffickers and abusers will be thwarted!

What is the value of saving one child from the horror of sexual exploitation?   For our part, we are committed to give Quang Nam Province children the protective message of “You are more precious than gold.”  And, as we protect them from predators, we are sowing into thousands of young hearts the basic truth that they ARE more precious than gold.  One day, they will understand more fully why that is true.

We need your help to protect the innocent.  Make your donation HERE.

“My Grandson Can Eat!”

   A Follow Up Story

This is the new Bao.  We had the privilege to assist in his cleft lip surgery a year ago.  And last month your support helped us provide surgery for his cleft palate.  His family is from a poor mountain area, and they are so grateful!  Bao’s father expresses his“deepest thanks to those in the United States who gave and cared for our child in this way.”  His grandmother was
beside herself with joy.  “Now my grandson can eat and drink!  We will practice with him every day, so that he can speak better.  All our hardships are gone!”

Your gifts to Special Needs change families like this one.  Other children await surgery.  Please turn your compassion into action by helping HERE.  Or mail your gift to Orphan Voice, PO Box 910410, Lexington, KY 40591.

Nguyen Van Hai

Promise House Testimony

I am Nguyen Van Hai.  I was born in a poor family. I have an older brother.  My Dad passed away because he was sick.  No matter how hard my Mom tried, she couldn’t afford for us to go to school or have enough food to eat.  My Mom said when I finished secondary school I would have to quit studies.  I didn’t have enough warm clothes in the rainy season.  Sometimes, we didn’t have rice to eat, and I borrowed it from the neighbor.

Since I came to Promise House, my life has been changed to a new chapter.  I can go to school like my friends. I can have good food and fun with many friends.  For example, I can go the beach. I had a chance to visit the American Navy and Mercy ships, go camping, and picnic with brothers and sisters here.  Moreover, I am taught the right things.  For example, I know how to tidy the room, do laundry, fold clothes, clean the bathroom…I like keeping the house clean and helping caregivers to cook.  I don’t feel it’s hard work.  I feel happy to do it.  And I feel that I am so lucky to be able to live at Promise House surrounded by the loving arms of many people.

I wish I would have a stable job when I grow up to support myself and my Mom when she is old. I believe that, with my constant effort and the help and care of caregivers, especially my sponsors, I can make my dreams come true.  I would like to send MANY THANKS to everyone who has been helping and loving me so much!

This is the testimony of a changed life.  If you knew Hai, you’d see quickly that he is a fun guy, and so grateful for all he has.  Thank you for helping his dreams come true, by your compassion.  To sponsor a child like Hai, emailmaria.lester@orphanvoice.org.  Or visit our Sponsor Page for more information.