Something to Smile About

When Dung’s mother was four months pregnant, many in her village contracted rubella. The child’s father tried to keep his wife healthy, but she too became ill. The father feared that his baby had been harmed by the sickness, but he didn’t express his fears. He felt that his parents and in-laws would push the couple to have an abortion, and he already loved his unborn child.

Dung was born with a cleft lip and palate. The condition of the lip and palate was so severe that Dung had difficulty feeding; she ingested just enough to keep her alive. After several days, the parents discovered that they could feed Dung using a soft tube. Using a homemade tube helps the child receive the necessary nutrition, but the process of feeding is far from easy. Dung’s parents continued with the tube for three months.

When government officials told Orphan Voice about Dung’s situation, we promised to help. Her parents expressed their deep gratitude and shared their hopes that Dung would one day have a beautiful smile.

In February, Orphan Voice workers transported Dung and her mother to a hospital in Hue, Vietnam. There, Dung underwent the first stage of the repair process. Thanks to the generosity of Orphan Voice partners, Dung’s lip has been fixed and an operation on her palate is in the works. Now that is something to smile about.

To provide a surgery such as this for other needy children, please donate here. Thanks!

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