Hien loved her husband. Always had – they’d been high school sweethearts. She had been so excited to marry him. And at first, their marriage was happy. Then the drinking started – and continued. Two boys were born during those years.

Mom – why does dad beat us?

     Hien and her sons lived in fear that her husband and their dad would come home drunk. They knew what would happen if he did. He would beat them – starting with Hien in front of the boys. Once he brandished a knife and threatened to cut Hien’s throat. When the boys reached the age of 6 or 7, they tried to protect their mom. Their courage only made their dad angrier.

You gave protection

     In 2022, your gift helped to provide temporary housing while families “got back on their feet.” Hien and the boys came to Hope House in early 2022. There, they were safe.

Hien and her sons are self-supporting today

     Recently, Hien got a good job – good enough to support herself and her sons. She also obtained a restraining order to shield them from her husband. He fears the police, so she and the boys are safe. Hien and the boys have moved out of Hope House into their own rented home. 

Your support protects women and children

     More abused moms and their kids need your protection. Your gifts ensure that women and children are safe.


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