Thuy Van: Loving The Child With CP

Thuy Van is a beautiful girl with cerebral palsy who we’ve known for several years. 

Some months after birth, when her parents feared that she wasn’t developing well, doctors made the CP diagnosis. They recommended to the family that they take their daughter to Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center. 

When she arrived, she couldn’t roll over or sit up. But, after a year’s work, she slowly gained those abilities. Her neck muscles also grew stronger – giving her more head control. 

At that point her grandmother erred greatly and took Van to a fortune teller. In rural Vietnam, many farmers do so. The Bible forbids consulting such people – and for good reason. When people visit fortune tellers, they unknowingly give the Enemy power and access to their lives.  The Enemy steals, kills and destroys – always.

Immediately after the visit, Van lost all her developmental gains. She experienced total regression!

We first counselled her grandmother to forsake the fortune teller! Then we prayed – and the therapists and Van worked hard. Gradually, she recovered what she had lost.

Some months ago, Van developed a painful condition where her eyelids turned inward, causing her eyelashes to press against her eyeball. The pain was terrible. Her parents sought relief at two hospitals, but surgery was unsuccessful. At that point, we got involved with this problem in her life and worked with a third hospital to have the painful condition corrected.

Yes, Van still has CP. She will always have it. How can we help Van and her family?  By working to raise and then maintain her quality of life.  Be sure that the quality of her life is better than it would have been without you, our partners, sending us to her. Partners – you’ve done a lot!

In all, Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Centre has served 75 families over the years.  Without exaggeration, hundreds of children like Van don’t have any help (see A Tale of Two Districts below).  We need your help to expand our work among children with special needs. Can you help us with your generous year’s end gift today?

Thank you sowing into the lives of “the least of these” by donating HERE or sending your gift to Orphan Voice, PO Box 910410, Lexington, KY 40591.

Super-Abounding Grace: “I Feel Loved And Cared For”

Families in Quang Binh Province have suffered from severe flooding during October: at the month’s beginning and again at month’s end.  Hear – and feel – the suffering of boys, girls, mothers and fathers.

  • 33 children orphaned – a permanent “empty place” will remain in each child’s heart.
  • Families’ animals died: over 100,000 poultry and thousands of pigs.  Stomachs are empty!

After the first wave of flooding and partial recovery, an Orphan Voice team delivered 4 tons of rice to two small villages in a hard hit, very remote area.  Just days later, additional rains came, causing more suffering and even death.

Que, a farmer, is a widow living with her two young daughters.  When the first flood came, her family climbed to their home’s partially completed 2nd floor where they stayed for several hours.  They had nothing to eat or drink, and relieved themselves into the swirling waters below.

Thankfully, they lived.  And when the Orphan Voice team came with rice, it was as if heaven opened. Que said:

“The visit from Orphan Voice cheered me up so much.  I felt that others love and care for me.”

In further demonstration of His love, did you know that Orphan Voice provided over 50,000 meals in 2016 – much of it emergency relief to families desperately in need?  Rather, YOU provided over 50,000 meals!

With history as our guide, we know that many children will need emergency help in 2017.  Mostly likely, we will provide emergency food.  If you would like to help us prepare for those times, so that we can react swiftly, donate HERE.  Or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

Have a friend who might be interested in blessing  “the least of these?”  Forward this newsletter to them!

Vi’s New World

15 year old, Vi, was born deaf although it was a couple of years before his family knew it. He was later abandoned by his parents. He hasn’t seen his mother for years. His father visits once a year at Tet Holiday.

Vi grew up unable to communicate with others – living not only in a lonely world of silence but also of anger and guilt. Anger – because he was mentally normal but unable to communicate well with others. Guilt – because he was the reason – he thought – that his parents divorced and left him.

Vi’s grandparents are simple farmers making only $600 per year, but they took him in when his parents divorced! They’ve loved him ever since.

Over the years, his grandparents sought the only help they knew.  They took Vi to an expert in acupuncture. No help.

And then Vi reached school age. Unfortunately, rural schools don’t have signing teachers for deaf students, so he couldn’t go to school. The older Vi got, the more frustrated, isolated and angry he became. Imagine, being smart but unable to communicate to others anything beyond one’s basic needs!

Life changed for Vi when Orphan Voice opened New Beginnings School for the Deaf. New Beginnings serves deaf students in his village.

When he first came to New Beginnings, he easily became frustrated. He didn’t know any numbers or signs for words. Sometimes, he shouted out in anger. Today, Vi is different – much more patient and kind. He loves drawing and math. He can add and subtract 4 digit numbers! He’s more peaceful. On his school field trip to “big-city Danang,” he ate 8 large slices of pizza! Hear his grandparents’ testimony:

“Everyone sees a big change in Vi – in the way he acts.” 

Love changes lives! Vi is evidence!

Without your prayer and financial support, we cannot reach Vi and others like him. There are dozens of other deaf children in the countryside who have no help. No help!  As we look toward’s year’s end, will you enable us reach them? To do so, invest your gift HERE.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that Orphan Voice provided 1,472 therapy sessions for children with special needs in 2016?
  • Or that Orphan Voice provides 3,067 meals each and every month to children?
  • Or that Orphan Voice provided 50,000 meals to children and the poor in 2016 – much of it emergency relief?
  • Or that over 20 children have gained the ability to walk – when they could not walk before – because of Orphan Voice’s outreach to children with special needs?

Children With Special Needs: A Tale of Two Districts

Meet Dao. He lives in Thang Binh District, where no services for children with cerebral palsy exist. By the way, would you guess that Dao is 20 years old? Doesn’t he look much more like 10?

Now, by way of contrast, let me tell you about Khang, Hau, Anh Tien, Cong Hao, Ngoc, Trinh, and, for the sake of time, 18 others. Most of these children also have cerebral palsy. All live in Phu Ninh District where Orphan Voice operates it’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center. All 24 of these children walk today when they didn’t walk before.

The difference? An Orphan Voice operated therapy center. 

Back to Dao.  His mom died when he was 5 years old. His dad remarried, but he and Dao’s step-mother are gone from the house most of the day. Dao has spent the last 20 years lying in that bed. On most days, Dao’s step mom returns home at noon to give him some water and food or to clean up after him. On some days, she doesn’t make it back home at noon. We have to change this! 

For the last two years, Thang Binh District officials, where Dao lives, have asked Orphan Voice to operate a therapy centre for their district’s 100 special needs children. We want to do so. We have a plan to do so, a budget to do so and licensed therapists to do so. We’re waiting only on the right partner or partners to fund the facility.

To open a facility for Thang Binh’s children we need $35,000 in start up funds and another $50,000 for year one’s operation.

As we look to year’s end, perhaps your business or church would like to fund this project?  Or you may feel led personally to help these children in a significant way.

All the Thang Binh children aren’t as severely handicapped as Dao, but many are.  Will you help us reach them?  To do so, invest your gift HERE.

“He Looks Very More Handsome!”

Khang’s Grandmother

Khang was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate to distraught, first-time parents.  They worried – and more so as their son grew weak and sick because he couldn’t suck.  A trip to an Orthopaedic Hospital provided no help because their foreign surgeons were unavailable.

At the Orthopaedic Hospital, Khang’s mom heard of Orphan Voice and called for help.  Our answer: “Come today.”

His first need was to gain weight and recover from terrible congestion.  There could be no surgery until those conditions were met!  To help him regain health, we gave mom a cleft lip bottle and special nipple which allowed him to get more nutrition.  We also bought lots of fortified milk!  Within a few weeks of regular feeding and some antibiotics, Khang’s weight was up and his congestion gone! Time for surgery!

Khang’s family tells the rest of the story:

His mom says: “Since the surgery, Khangcan suck better and easier.”  Grandmother says: “My grandson looks very more handsome.  I’m so happy for him. Thanks to Orphan Voice’s help, my grandson can have a new life.  We are all very grateful for your help.”

Some children won’t have cleft lip or palate surgery unless we help.

Cost of surgeries vary, but $750 will pay for most.  Would you provide for 10 surgeries in 2017.  Or can you change a child’s life by providing for one surgery?

To bless, donate HEREThank you!

Not Forsaken

Thanks to your support, Linh (fictitious name) now has clearer vision…both literally and spiritually!  Because you care enough to support her and 20 others at Promise House, we take the children to the doctor, dentist and optometrist, just as you do at home!

On a recent trip to the optometrist, 7 children needed updated prescriptions for existing glasses or glasses for the first time. They got them.

Your support enables Orphan Voice to provide total care for the 21 Promise House children – from food, education, clothing, and health care to counselling and mentoring.  Thank you.  But you do more than that!

Did you know that your love extends to young boys living in an orphanage in the North of Vietnam who were trafficked to China as infants?  The boys were all sold through a trafficking network from Vietnam to China when they were only several days old.

After having lived in China for several years, when they were 6 and 7 years old and established in families, Chinese authorities learned the truth and returned them to Vietnam.  That result sounds harsh – and it is.  Finding their birthparents is impossible.  The parents may have illegally sold them in the first place and certainly will not step forward to incriminate themselves.  But what of the children?

Orphan Voice, through you, is now helping to care for them.  These boys were never meant to be separated from their families; once it happened, however, Love reaches into that situation and restores. You are part of that.

Further, did you know that Orphan Voice provides for children in 10 other state-run orphanages and 12 state-run boarding schools?  Care for these children takes the form of extra food, repair of bathrooms and living quarters, the installation of electricity to dorms and more.  We don’t see them every day, but the help is critically needed.  They are blessed and cared for through it.

We need your faith-filled prayer and financial support to care for of these children.  Without you, we can do nothing.  As we approach the year’s end, will you sow a generous gift to enable us to meet our obligations to care for “the least of these.”

To do so, donate HERE.  Thank you.