Victory House, a place to call home…

“No one loves me like Victory House, not even the orphanage that I was raised in.” –  Linh (Victory House Resident)

Meet Linh from Victory House, a place that she is glad to call home.  Linh came to Victory House from a local orphanage.  As you can imagine, an orphanage is not the ideal place to grow up.  Not that it isn’t better than being alone, but it can be difficult.  Linh is in college for nursing and has recently begun her internship.  Each day she learns her duties in a hospital alongside the doctors and nurses.  As she soon learned, this environment can be harsh too.

Linh has learned through her experiences that the best way to treat people is with kindness and respect.  The way she practices this is by coming home each day and helping her fellow housemates in any way she can.  Linh says, “No one loves me like Victory House, not even the orphanage that I was raised in.”

It is through your generous support that she is able to know a loving home environment.  Thank you for continuing to make her feel loved.

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Human Trafficking

Research indicates that a new pornographic video is produced in the United States every 39 seconds. In the same vein, the worst of men sell 10-14 year old girls for 4,000.00-5,000.00 per encounter–and except for God’s redeeming ability, thus destroy a life. Senators Orrin Hatch, a republican, and Mike McIwntyre, a democrat, have co-sponsored a letter requesting Attorney General Eric Holder to redouble efforts to prosecute pornography purveyors. This is something we all agree on. Will you contact your senator and ask for his support of the Hatch-McIntyre effort?

In Vietnam, Orphan Voice operate Victory House, in part to protect young, vulnerable girls who have aged out of orphanages from falling prey to such men as are described above. Although a small start, five girls are housed, fed, and taken care of medically while they attend Orphan Voice-provided college or vocational education classes. In this way, they will have a good start in life. Thank you for supporting such efforts.

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